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 The premier networking group connecting Entrepreneurs and Investors

June will Feature Entrepreneur Mastermind Luncheon on 6-15 and Angel Club Luncheon 6-22

Join us for both in the NEW Ritz Group Home at Venture X in Buckhead   3333 Peachtree Road 1st Floor South Tower 

Or JOIN us via ZOOM using the following Log-In


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The Ritz Group ENTREPRENEUR CLUB Mastermind Luncheon "live" at Venture X and Online 

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Ritz Group Members, and their Guests, can attend Entrepreneur Mastermind Luncheon  "in-person" at Venture or alternatively attend via ZOOM at home using their Computer or mobile.  This is thanks to the new video technology provided by Venture X.    Like in the old days at the City Club, Entrepreneurs can grab lunch-to-go in the South Tower Atrium (below Venture X) and bring it to the Ritz Group Conference Room.   Entrepreneur Club serves as a Sounding Board for growing companies and raising capital in Georgia.  Each attendee, or their guest, shares what's happening in their space.   Most often we have a monthly theme and invite an expert to share their experience.   In case you can't attend in person - or online, we will record the event and post it on the Entrepreneur Club Page in the Ritz Group Website. (click here)

The Ritz Group ANGEL CLUB Luncheon  "live" at Venture X and Online 

Venture X Angel Club

Ritz Group Accredited Members, and their Guests, can again attend Angel Club "in-person" at Venture or alternatively attend via ZOOM using their Computer or mobile.  This is thanks to the new video technology provided by Venture X.    Like in the old days at the City Club, Investors can grab lunch-to-go in the South Tower Atrium (below Venture X) and bring it to the Angel Club Conference Room.   Angel Club serves as a "Think Tank" for Angel Investing in Georgia.  Each attendee, or their guest, shares what's happening in their investment space.   Most often we have a monthly theme and invite an expert to share their experience.   In case you can't attend in person - or online, we will record the event and post it on the Angel Club Page in the Ritz Group Website. (click here)

The Ritz Group will Partner with VENURE X in Buckhead to launch the Center for Innovation

Venture X CofI Photo

Ritz Group is pleased to announce our Partnership with Venture X in Buckhead to form a Center for Innovation.   We believe the KEY to fostering in the next generation of Innovation  is the integration of  four (4) ingredients.  They are Space, Programs, Technology and Leadership.   That,  when combined and made available to segmented communities (called Collectives)  they represent a powerful collection of resources ALL focused on the specific needs to drive innovation for all members of the Collective.  The initial Collectives are 1) Entrepreneurs,  2) Corporate Innovation, 3) Metaverse, 4) Veterans, 5) Consumer Goods, 6) Collectible's,  7) Digital Security,  8) Sports, and 9) Social Engineering.  (Learn more)

The Ritz Group will Sponsor a virtual Trade Show for our Entrepreneur Ecosystem called the Capital Expo

The Ritz Group is a Pioneer in Georgia's entrepreneur ecosystem with our  first  meetings at the Ritz Carleton over 35 years ago.   The Entrepreneur ecosystem has grown exponentially from Atlanta,  to metro Atlanta and now statewide.   

Georgia's number ONE  need, Post-Covid,  is to digitally re-connect our ecosystem. 

The Ritz Group is pleased to support that GOAL by creating a modern Virtual forum to Spotlight our Ecosystem leaders and supporters,  plus introduce the NEW Entrepreneurs and resources Statewide. 

We are  pleased to be part of the TEAM to help make Capital Expo happen first Quarter 2023

   (Virtual Tour)     (Learn More)  

The Ritz Group will Launch three programs for Veterans 

Veterans Match Market

Prior to Covid, the Ritz Group was the first to hold a Veterans Shark Attack "Pitch Event" each November to celebrate Veterans Day.   The Event was a unique Shark Attack because the three Sharks and the four pitching companies were all Veterans.   

Our mission on November 10, 2022 is to conduct our first Post Covid  "Live" Veterans Shark Attack.   

In 2023 the Ritz Group will Sponsor the launch a Veterans Match Market to connect the world-wide Veteran Ecosystem.   The Mission is to use sophisticated Match Engine Technology to connect Veterans to Veterans,  Veterans to Corporations offering discounts and jobs to Veterans, plus Organizations offering resources to veterans. 

The Launch of the Georgia Capital Expo in 2023 will also feature a Veterans Pavilion to Showcase Georgia's commitment to Veteran Entrepreneurs.   The Exhibitors will all be Veterans and the Pavilion Sponsors will fund Veteran non-profits in Georgia. 

(Learn More

The Ritz Group will Premier a Cryptocurrency Token backed Fund to improve Investor Liquidity 


In 2023, the Ritz Group will launch a Cryptocurrency Fungible Token called the RZE to SOLVE two major Funding GAPs in Georgia.   One for Investors and the second for Entrepreneurs 

 The first is providing small cap private equity Investors with improved Liquidity to realize capital Gains, or reduce losses, earlier than today's traditional 7 to 15 year Exit waiting period.   

The second is using the Ritz Group's presence and technology in Georgia's Entrepreneur Ecosystem to screen, select and build a portfolio of early stage and seed round companies that are the "Best of Georgia".      These sources will include the Ritz Group Shark Attack Winners, TIE Angels,  ATDC, ATA, Venture Atlanta selected companies and more.    

Finally, RZE will have a Pavilion on the Capital Expo to showcase the RZE investment Pool of Companies.   The Capital Expo point-of-presence will also provide an additional venue for RZE Pool Companies to meet investors and solicit additional funding rounds.

(Learn More)  

The Ritz Group will launch Shark Attack TV to syndicate Shark Attack Pitch Events 

Shark Attack TV Logo

In 2023, the Ritz Group will launch  Shark Attack TV  (SATV), a media content play to leverage Shark Attack that premiered in 2013.   The Goal is to use online Digital Shark Attack to screen Shark Attack TV Winners and also curate that media into Pitch Training.   Monthly Shark Attacks will be conducted in a TV Studio with a "Live" audience  and edited to syndicate in today's popular media distribution channels.  

Our Focus is NOT to replicate today's popular Shark Tank, but to provide a professional venue featuring local Entrepreneurs and Sharks with real-world early stage ventures in technology and specialized industries or diversity themes.     Examples of Show Themes would be veterans, NFT's, diversity, education, franchises, plus health and wellness.     

Shark Attack TV will also have a Pavilion on Capital Expo.    The Pavilion will have its own Lobby, Aisles, Auditorium and Exhibitors representing both the SATV companies,  but Aisles for the Digital Shark Attack Companies.   The goal is simple - provide more fund raising visibility for SATV Companies.     

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2023 Programs

Angel Scholarships

Angel Club

Angel THINK TANK that meets online the third Thursday of each month to discuss "deal flow," and "hot topics" 


Digital Shark Attack

Online “PITCH” Event  Second Thursday each Month  critiqued by experts (sharks) and investors

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Best of the Ritz

Ritz Digital Shark Attack Companies raising Seed and Series A Rounds 

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Shark Attack TV

"Live" Shark Attack in Studio featuring "Winners" from Digital Shark Attack 

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Business, Capital, Organization Member Communities and Corporate Innovation from three (3) Distinguished Ritz Group Partners 

Cover Opportunistic Mag

Speaking Engagements

Larry White is a frequent panelist, judge and guest speaker 

Become a 2023 Member

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Member Options

Powered by Brite Idea Lab, members use Match to connect based on NEEDS and HAVES 

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Angel Scholarships


A Script for Investors to quickly profile their Investment "sweet spot" in 5 minutes to Match with Entrepreneurs & investors

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A Script for Entrepreneurs to quickly profile their Capital Needs in five (5) minutes to MATCH with Investors.

Create Your Profile


Product & Service Providers

Find prospects based on matching your HAVES with their NEEDS


Angel Investors

Angel Investors participate in online monthly Angel Club Luncheons. 



Participate in Digital Shark Attack, online Member MATCH based on Needs, plus  Equity Training and Services

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Connect with Entrepreneurs, Match with Technologies using the Match Market plus Strategic Partner



Match with Entrepreneurs, Angels/Investor Resources, product & Service Providers based on matching their NEEDs to your HAVEs


Sponsor the Ritz Group 

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Three Ritz Programs

Sponsor an Event,  All events, or  Special Programs & Causes 

 Strategic Partner with Companies


Strategic Partner Program

Sponsor opportunity to support muliple events, platforms, or programs throughout the year

Sponsor Special Projects 

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Georgia Projects/Causes

Partner with the non-profit Ritz Group on a specific Georgia or global Causes    

Make a Corporate Donation 

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Donations & Gifts

Corporate donations and Gifts to the Ritz Group non-profit 



Equity Workshop

Introductory Training to "de-mystify" Private Equity Creation for Entrepreneurs and Angels


Equity Boot Camp

Turnkey engagement to fully create and manage a private Shareholder company 


Angel Academy

Three private equity courses designed to teach new and existing angels a NEW model for investing in a shareholder early stage company  

Video by Larry White


Podcasts designed to address the critical issues related to starting and running a shareholder-based company

Training for Entrepreneurs & Angels to de-mystify private equity creation


Capital Drill Logo

Capital Drill Modeling

A new modeling approach to simplify  creating and managing private equity shareholder company 


Capital Formation

Fee-Based consulting services to set-up, manage or audit a Private Shareholder Company 


Business Support

Mentoring, Coaching & Fractional CxO's to accelerate investment success  

Financial modeling tools, mentoring and fee-based professional services to accelerate funding success


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Ritz Member Community

Ritz Group Member Community is powered by Brite Idea lab.    Members create profiles with their Match Preferences and sub-profiles listing all of their ideas, business identies or funding "sweet-spots".   


Entrepreneur Match Network

Connecting Ritz Group Members with each other, as well as the local Atlanta ecosystem and the world. 


Corporate Innovation

Corporate Innovation platforms to manage internal innovation ideas plus connect external innovation resources

Digitally connecting Members to Members, to the ecosystem and corporations


Governing Board Photo

Governing Board

The Ritz Group Governing Board of Directors 

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Advisory Board

Ritz Group Advisors are focused on specific Ritz Group Programs and member Service Offerings. 


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Retail Electronic Visions

Microsoft Azure Developer of Match Network Communities 

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Cromwell Parkes Photography

John Sands has professionally served the Ritz Group's photo shoots for over 5 years  

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Corporate Foundry

Developer of Corporate Innovation programs and platforms  

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Brite Idea Lab

Match Network developer for the Entrepreneur ecosystem  

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John Main and his Smyrna team are expert at solving your business printing and creative needs

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Fountainhead Consulting

Business Consultants based in Atlanta serving the world.  


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