Digitally Connecting Members

The Ritz Group believes that connecting members digitally is vital to their membership value proposition.   It is a complement to, and integral part of producing events and programs.  Our member digital strategy believes that Ritz Group member profiling should compliment and link to LinkedIn and Facebook profiles - not replace.    The Ritz Group Members are hosted on Brite Idea Lab providing them with exclusive Match Criteria but also connectivity outside of the Ritz Group.   Ritz Group partners with other platform developers to enrich the member experience in specific programs such as Pitching or corporate innovation.    

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Member Hosting

Member Match Portals Powered by Brite Idea Lab  


Ecosystem Matching

Match Network platform for the Entrepreneur ecosystem 

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Capital Expo

Virtual Trade Show Connecting the Georgia Entrepreneur Ecosystem  

Veterans Match Market

Industry Match Networks

Sponsor Vertical Match Networks - like Veterans

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Corporate Innovation

Partner platforms and programs addressing Corporate Innovation   


Powered by Brite Idea Lab



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