Ritz Group 2022 Events

The Ritz Group produced over 125 member-based events consisting of Shark Attack, Angel Clubs, Entrepreneur Clubs and Private Equity Training for Entrepreneurs

Angel Club

Angel Club is a Member-Guest Luncheon held online on the 4th Thursday of each month and  quarterly hosted at a Corporate Sponsor Location.  Hosted Corporate Luncheons are FREE for Members, with Guests paying a lunch fee for non-sponsored events.

Our October 27 Angel Club Luncheon will be an  "in-person" Luncheon Hosted by  APRIO Corporation - located inside the Perimeter on Lake Hern Road just South of Perimeter Mall.   Aprio has a beautiful Corporate Office location located at  2002 Summit Boulevard Suite 120 Atlanta, Ga. 30319  

November 24 is Thanksgiving so we will meet ONLINE on November 17th,    December is has Christmas on the 25th so we will meet on Thursday December 15, 2022.   To connect via your desktop, tablet or Mobile - please use the following Links

Capital Expo
Digital Shark Attack
Speaking Engagements



Pitch Tank is the online virtual venue that Shark Attack uses to screen Pitch Applicants,  in addition to providing pitch training for both rapid fire and presenting companies.  Pitch Tank uses GoToMeeting (access code = 389-186-7570)      To Apply


4:30 to 5:30 The event begins with networking along with a chance to mix and mingle up close with our Exhibitors


Exhibiting guarantee you will be seen as well as providing you with a chance to pitch and get feed-back.

Exhibitors have a 6' table with cloth and power strip.  Exhibitors should bring signage and flat Screen to demo or dispay your power point.  Set Up begins at 4:00pm


5:30 to 7:30  begins the Main Event.  Shark Attack features both companies doing a 3-minute rapid fire and 4 companies presenting for 4 minutes to be followed by 10 minutes of questions from the Sharks.

Shark critiques complete the drill and provide the audience and pitching company with connections and valuable advice

Past Shark Attack Physical Events


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