Going Private Workshop

Going Private Workshop


Goal:   Introduce the NEW  Going Private methodology using the Capital Drill to set up and manage a private shareholder company for entrepreneurs and investors


Audience:    Entrepreneurs with plans to raise seed or Series A capital, plus new and existing Angels.


Duration:   1-hour


Frequency:  On demand -  Online with Go To Meeting (GTM) or  at a sponsor location, office or meeting room


Charge:   No Charge


Sponsors:   Responsible for promoting the Workshop, providing the venue and any refreshments


Deliverables:  Flyer

Course Outline


The Arena  "So you want to be an Entrepreneur"


Today's funding Challenge


Today's in-vogue raises


Regulations - SEC and IGE


The  Solution  "demystify and simplify"


The "Art" of Valuation


The New Model for "Going Private"


Capital Training's new role


New Tools and Programs


New Technology to connect Georgia's ecosystem





Location:  Online Go to Meeting (GTM)


Fees:   No Charge


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