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The Ritz Group is proud of producing over 50 Shark Attacks, screening over 1,000 companies, helping over 150 companies pitch, and welcoming over 70 Sharks to judge.  In 2020,  our goal is to extend this experience and take it to the next level.   We believe the path is going digital and conducting the shark attacks online monthly.

This will enable us to feature MORE companies and enhance the learning experience for non-presenting entrepreneurs who attend.  More importantly, our "live" assessments will also help investors who want to contact presenting companies for a second date.

The ability to capture the session online has the advantages to archive the session, but also post it for on-demand review by investors who were not able to attend.    The archive will also be posted on the presenters profile on the Ritz Group Member profile - Powered by Brite Idea Lab.



STEP 1:    Register to attend or Pitch at one of the monthly online Digital Shark Attacks.    This will be a 5 minute online pitch with a maximun of 5 slides.  We will use GoToMeeting (Code# = 389-455-973)  and you will need your camera on.   Critiques will be from our sharks with questions from our audience members (entrepreneurs and investors)

STEP 2:     Post your Investor Collaeral online using the Digital Shark Attack Script.  (Click here).

                   A.  Complete your Entrepreneur profile, which is a BIO on you the founder.  This is Who your are with links to Linked-In.   It is your Business resume.    Your Match Criteria defines your specific areas of interest or expertise.

                   B.  Complete your business sub-profile  with the investor collateral on your raise.   Add your Company Logo, descriptions, website links, Executive Tear Sheet, Pitch Deck and any  videos.   Complete your contact informations and then your Match Criteria on your specific raise details and amounts.    The goal is to MATCH with investors in this space and who invest in this type (Investor with check, Seed, Series A, B, C....) of private equity funding.

Step 3.      Apply to Pitch for the $100,000 Stock Award  at our  Angel Accelerator Graduation Shark Attack October 15, 2020

                   A.   Submit your profile to the Digital Shark Attack team by tagging your Match Criteria  KEYWORD/TAGS   "Digital Shark Attack" (no quotes)    You can also Search for the Digital Shark Attack team to submit your company.

                   B.   Recommendation:   Take you Investor Power Point and use the .PPT Add Audio Features to create an MP-4 of your presentation.   This is really and easy process and you can re-record each slide several times to get it right and then Power Point will generate your final MP-4.    When you are satisfied, post the MP-4 on in the Video section of your Company Sub-Profile.   Now Investors and the $100K Digital Shark Attack Judges can review your power point presentation at their convenience - and multiple times.   Below is an example using the classic Car Garage.

C.   Members of the Digital Shark Attack team will FOLLOW you and invite you to pitch at Digital Shark Attack

                   D.    The companies selected to Pitch for the $100,000 Stock Investment Shark Attack on October 15, 2020 must be a member of the Ritz Group

Note:   Top priority and preference will be given to Companies who post their 5-Slide 10-minute Power Point voice MP-4 video on their Company sub-profile.


The Format for the Video .PPT is as follows (Max 5 Slides and no more the 10 minutes)

1.   INTRODUCTION:              Who are you and your Team

2.  RAISE AMOUNT:               How are you currently raising, how much YTD and in the Past

3.   THE PROBLEM:                 Market Niche and the NEED you saw
4.    YOUR SOLUTION:           Plus your Channel Marketing Strategy driving adoption
5.   YOUR PROGRESS:            Where are you YTD, plus Next Steps

Digital Shark Attack Example

PITCH COACHING:    Each 10 minute  PPT Video Submission will be reviewed and discussed with the submitter.   The goal is to perfect the presentation from the lens of an Investor.    That is...what they value

Corrections and re-submissions are encouraged - the goal is to perfect  the value proposition and investor presentation.

MORE EXPOSURE:    Companies who pitch for 5" at the monthly online Digital Shark Attack will be featured on the Ritz Group Digital Shark Attack page with their company LOGO.   Since Brite Idea Lab hosts the Ritz Group members,  your Profile and all company sub-profiles will be available to Match and Search by Ritz Group Members,  as well as our ecosystem.   One Digital stop to fully feature your investment story.

After the monthly Digital Shark Attack your Video Shark Attack will be posted on the Ritz Group Digital Shark Attack Archive page for viewing by investors who were unable to  attend

We will also send your MP-4 presentation to investors we believe are in your "Sweet Spot."    Key is completing  your 10-minute Video PPT to investors that you know, or reach out to you based on your Digital Shark Attack Exposure.

We will start out with one per month until we have the promotion and session perfected.    Archive storage will be by Industry Category and NOT by date.    The schedule will be the third Wednesday of each month.  10:00 to 11:30

You can, if space permits, show up online to observe using the following Link





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