Private Equity Academys

The Ritz Group GOAL with Capital Training is to FOCUS on usng the Capital Drill model to de-mystify and simplify today's complex model for creating a private shareholder company.   We call this  "Going Private" and although less intensive than "Going Public,"  it represents the solution to a major educational GAP for both investors and entrepreneurs.


Private Equity Workshops

A one hour lecture for entrepreneurs and investors centered around the NEW Capital Drill  methodology for Going Private 


Entrepreneur Academy

Three (3) Courses  to introduce and train entrepreneurs on how to create and manage a private shareholder company 


Angel Academy

Three (3) Courses designed to introduce new and returning Angels to the Capital Drill methodology for investing and managing private shareholder companies.  


CIAO T3 Training

Teach-The-Teachers (T3) to certify Fractional Chief Investor Assurance Officers (CIAO)  

Executive Director of Capital Private Equity Training

Robert Duncan Photo

Robert Duncan

Robert joins the Ritz Group Executive Team in 2019 as the Director of Private Equity Traning.   Robert has over 30 years of experience working with companies on strategic planning and execution. Through Pinnacle Group, he is able to assist companies of all sizes develop effective capital strategies to grow and fund their companies.   Being an Atlanta resident since 1987, he has extensive business relationships with a variety of business executives, attorneys, accountants, financial professionals and other community leaders.  Currently, Robert is President and CEO of Pinnacle Consulting Group


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