Not only must you build your business....you must also raise the Capital to scale

The Ritz Group GOAL with our Entrepreneur Training is to provide the TOOLS to help you build and then scale your business.   The requirements at each business milestone to raise the growth capital are very specific based on the last two decades of funding companies using Private Equity Capital.

To assist companies the Ritz Group provides 3 Online Accelerators specifically designed at the Ideation/Pre-Seed stage to launch the business,  and Series A Stage to capitalize scale, in addition to providing an Accelerator for Angel investing.    If we can create more trained Angels - We can fund more Start-Up Companies. 

In addition Ritz Group authored a sophisticated Capital Modeling Platform to set-up and manage capital infusion and investor ROI  at each milestone leading to Exit.   This tool is called the Capital Drill and we use it to de-mystify and simplify today's complex model for creating a private shareholder company.   

We call this  "Going Private" and although less intensive than "Going Public,"  it still represents a significant educational GAP for both investors and entrepreneurs.

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Pre-Seed Accelerator

16 Week Online Accelerator for Founders to build a Pre-Seed Business


Private Equity Accelerator

An online CoHort based Accelerator consisting of 6 Modules & Sprints


Angel Accelerator

Three (3) Courses designed to introduce new and returning Angels to the Capital Drill methodology for investing and managing private shareholder companies.  


Private Equity Workshops

A series of one hour online lecture using the Capital Drill  methodology for Going Private 

Video by Larry White

Pod Cast Private Equity Matters

s addresses the challenges of creating and funding a priate shareholder comany 


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