The Ritz Group Crypto Currency Token (RZE)  will be a  major contributor to "making a difference for Atlanta’s seed round funding GAP."   In 2023 the Ritz Group will launch a Fungible Token, secured by curated POOL of the "Best of Atlanta" seed round companies. 


The Ritz Crypto Token (RZE) is a fully SEC compliant secured token providing token holders with liquidity (after one-year holding period) that is backed by a pool of Georgia-based Seed and Series A companies.   These companies will be selected from the best of the Ritz Group, TIE Angels, ATA, ATDC, VA and  Georgia Accelerators. 

For the Investor, this means they have two Liquidity choices.   They can wait on the traditional "Company Pool" exits over a 5 to 15 year life span, to include SideCar Investments, or after the one year Token Holding Period,  Sell parts or all of their RZE tokens.    This enables the investor to take earlier profits, or mitigate losses,  freeing up capital.    The Value of the Token is based on the Cryptocurrency Market selling price and supported by the Valuation of the Portfolio of the invested companies.   That determines if the Market value of the RZE Token is overvalued or undervalued.    

Each company screened and selected will go through the Capital Audit and some will have a Fractional CIAO managing our interests and that of the other syndicated investors.  Maintaining the Capital Drill Modeling online for each company is one method we will use to track the theoretical "book" value of the Portfolio of Companies vs Sale of Coins issued

Brite Idea Lab Ritz Crypto profile will be used to "find" and build a portfolio from over 1,000 companies who apply for Funding.  This assumes a 10 to 1 accept ratio for a portfolio of  100 companies.    Again, this infrastructure will be in place to launch and serve both Ritz Crypto and the Ritz Group membership.


The Company - Ritz Crypto:  Our first mission is to create a for profit company to raise funds to launch the RZE Fungible Token.   The Funds required to launch the company and mint the RZE Token on an SEC Regulated Exchange,  will utilize a Convertible Debenture with a 100% refund until $100,000 is raised to begin the company launch.   After that point, the investor conversion options will apply    

Our second Mission relates to the legal audit to ensure RZE and Ritz Crypto are 100% compliant with the SEC and the Georgia IGE.   

The third mission is to implement the "best practices" to be able to select and manage the pool of seed and series A round companies to be funded by the sale of RZE tokens.


Pre-Coin  Sales.   The goal of the Pre-Token Sales is to pre-sell the RZE token at a 20% discount and utilize that sale to fund the start-up costs to mint. list and sell the RZE Token on an SEC Fungible Token Exchange.    The advantage to the investor is their projected 20% gain at the public Token Launch. 

Public (RZE) Token Sales:     The public offering is projected for the end of the first Quarter 2023.    This assumes our funding begins the fourth Quarter 2022 and we complete our pre-launch Token Sales under the Convertible Debenture.   During that time,  we will select our SEC Exchange and their smart contract blockchain implementation, integration of our KYC, AML and wallet APPS.   Since the 80% of the token sales proceeds are going to Georgia-based companies, the market for the coin is regional.  The RZE Token,  however, will be placed in selected global exchanges.   Global investment is based on the belief in the trading value of the RZE token, however, international and even national token purchase means MORE funding for Georgia based companies.              


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