Going Private

The Ritz Group provides a modular suite of services to "take" companies Private

CAPITAL SERVICES are based on the exclusive new private equity model called the CAPITAL DRILL      The Capital Drill simplifies and de-mystifies today's complex private equity methodology used to set up and evaluate early stage shareholder companies.   The Capital Drill provides an online registration service to create and maintain shareholder models used to project investor ROI for each round, but also to project changes based on actual financial reporting.


Capital Audit - Lite  The goal provide a third-party audit to validate companies "investor-readiness."   It is a first step component of due diligence to confirm and de-risk Angel round investments.  The Capital Audit Lite for qualifying companies are half-day, non-contiguous, sessions to review the investor collateral, make recommendations, and construct an online 5-year financial model projecting investor terms and returns through an exit.

The Capital Service Audit fees range from $2,500 (Lite) to $5,000 (Regular) and can be paid by the company or investors.  The investor scholarship program (defined below) enable investors to receive company stock for their Audit expense - before striking terms based on the audit term sheet parameters.

Capital Services provide a roadmap to negotiate terms and monitor investor returns quarterly.      We have made great strides to make this affordable to bootstrapped entrepreneurs, but also scholarships by potential investors,  as a part of their due diligence before making larger seed round investments.

Capital Audit Lite Details


I.       Preliminary Interview with the Founder Team to review the "Lite"  process and outcomes (How the drill will work)

II.      A quick scan of the current Investor collateral

III.     A quick scan of the current Financials and Revenue Forecasts

IV.     Decision if the "lite" program is the right fit.


Capital  Audit    A custom tailored more robust Capital Service offering for Investor Readiness the following four-phase approach to audit a company and take them through the Capital Drill.  This is our fee-based service answer to today's "who is in the lead" and who has completed enough "due diligence" to have a terms sheet for others who want to only write checks.  The Capital Audit  is our answer to creating more Lead Angels.

The Capital Audit - Full Program Details


The “Investor-Readiness”  Capital Audit.

I.       Founder Team Interview explaining the process and “Proof Items” required

II.      Review all of the Client Investor Collateral and the latest financial Statements & Forecasts

III.     Conduct the Investor Audit - Deep Dive

____A.     Founder/Executive team Challenge (Will this dog actually hunt?) 

------vvvvvChallenge the Value Proposition and each of the Revenue channel plus plan to hit their 5 year exit $

Certification Assessment Review with Management team                

--------B.    Written Assessment - Strengths, Weaknesses and Recommendations

--------------From the lens of an Investor – red flags, critical success factors and tough issues

4.      Client Clean-up of business collateral that supports the  5-Year Revenue Proforma production


Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program is the vehicle we use to perform the Capital Audit Program/s  funded by investors before they invest the big money.   The Scholarship Program recognizes bootstrapped companies are broke - but have stock as a by-product of the audit.   Investors fund the audit and receive stock from the company for the money they invested to perform the audit.

Fractional CIAO Program

The Fractional CIAO Program is our answer to today's Accelerator Programs to "groom" companies for investment.  Fractional Chief Investment and Assurance  Officers (CIAO) ensure the capital "pot" is correct for past commitments and all down rounds.   In addition, they provide the lead for syndication with Angels who want to just write a check when someone has "de-risk" the investment and is managing their interests through exit.    We will screen, train and qualify CIAO’s to be deployed on a fee-based client contract.  Each CIAO will manage 4 to 5 clients.   (more)


SATV powered by WatchPitch

Shark Attack Video by Watch Pitch is a series of Video Channels to view elevator pitches organized by Shark Attack Industry sectors.    Entrepreneurs post their video elevator pitch, provide a brief description, plus links to content and Crowd-Cheering with the ability to collect viewing donations.    SATV provides dedicated channels for specific verticals – like veterans or or entertainment are available for $200 per month.  This channel hosting expense can be offset by video channel sponsorships.

The Ritz Group has partnered with Watch Pitch to help entrepreneurs create the "best" elevator pitch and also create it online using the Watch Pitch APP.



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