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THE PROGRAM.   For the new 2023-2024 Ritz Group Season, we are pleased to announce our Fractional CFO and Mentoring Program.   We have partnered with licensed Fractional CFO practitioners to provide cost effective services Entrepreneurs can choose depending where they are in their company growth and raise.    We have also provided Investor Templates under the Capital Drill to include an exclusive Modeling tool dealing with full dilution and stockholder ROI projections.

THE PROBLEM.   In the decade that I have owned the Ritz Group, I continue to be amazed that we expect Entrepreneurs to envision a compelling concept, set up  a new company, build prototypes that grow into sellable products, add staff,  while managing to fund the growth with multiple funding rounds predicated on sales and cashflow milestone achievement.

I get repeat offenders – having managed to live through this DRILL  and going back for a second or third bite of the apple – often using many of the same resources that leveraged their prior success.

Yet, ask how many of the US estimated 31M Entrepreneurs have run a company?   Worked for a successful Start-Up?  Set-Up a Private Shareholder Company?  Been a Shareholder?    Have management experience or even have any business financial skills?

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MISSION.     The mission of the Ritz Group organization, from its inception, was to provide expertise and roadmaps to avoid landmines and accelerate the success recognizing time is “Capital Burn”.  This same mission applies to co-working space, accelerators and incubators and to some degree - educators.


DeFI MIGRATION.    And… the Drill is changing.   Thanks to the JOBS Act, we have migrated from Accredited REG D Investors to Crowdfunding, plus State Tax Exempt regulations – each with their own registration, SEC and FINRA rules.   Today, we are entering into the DeFi World of Digital Asset Tokenization with new SPBD Registration for Securities that will open the Digital Tokenization and fractionalization DeFi market to the masses.

This disruption will impact the core business provided by traditional Broker-Dealers and also the traditional role accountants and lawyers provide in the formation, transition and exit strategies.  Their focus today is on the later stage Exit strategies.  This is because that is where the real money is to pay for third party professional services.

The latest DeFi advances in digital tokenization for capital securities target Seed and Series A capital raises and therefore escalating the need for professional Services to help Entrepreneurs.   I have been a long-time believer, that before DeFi, the Capital acquisition VOID was beyond rifle shot training, mentors, accountant and lawyer services.

Ritz Fractional CFO & Mentoring Program

Today, managing the end-to-end Capital DRILL requires a Fractional CFO – expert in managing ALL financial issues related to the NEXT standard or digital Capital Raise.   That, this expertise is well beyond the majority of entrepreneurs, universities, organizations, broker-dealers, plus  mainstreet accountants and lawyers.

We believe that Capital Acquisition should be a formal PRACTICE in the Fractional CFO tool bag.   This practice consists of the following expertise, plus proven templates and technologies to accelerate the process.   This practice consist of the following deliverables…under a practice we call the CAPITAL DRILL

The Capital Drill
Capital Drill Methodology
Fee Structure
Ritz Fractional CFO Tools
Technical Requirements

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