Strategic Partner Opportunities

An essential part of  Proof-0f-Concept is getting buy-in by a customer or a strategic partner who can help validate, shape the deliveralbe, messaging and help fund the next stage.  Out GOAL is to showcase early stage companies that NEED strategic partners from Corporate America that can also serve as market Makers.    I your company is looking for a corporate strategi  partner - please [Contact Us]


The Veteran Match Portal for both active duty, retired and veterans from all branches

The goal of the Veterans Match portal is to 'connect" veterans based on their "needs."   The three Veteran profiles consist of Individuals (veterans all branches), Corporations/Organizations/Government, plus product and service providers.   Veteran sub-profiles are used to profile veteran service units, and well as their employment, business ventures, issues, entrepreneurial ideas or projects.  For each sub-profile, they define their "Needs" or "Wants," to include job requests and even job openings.

The i-Serve goal is to MATCH each of the diverse Veteran Match Criteria with other Veteran's Match Criteria - to include government resources, or commercial entities actively serving veterans.  Each Veteran Match Concierge enables them to tailor their Match Criteria and who they want to Match.  (i.e. just veterans... or  government... or commercial resources).   The Veteran Match portal is designed to be an on-ramp to the thousands of communities and organizations that serve veterans   It is a veteran's digital identity to "find and be found."

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