Ritz Group membership benefits for Corporations... new, active and others who are re-engaging, begins with profiling your reason for "connecting " in the entrepreneurial ecosystem,  followed by the opportunity to showcase your products and services on our Storefronts, plus our leadership  in the Corporate Innovation marketspace, or partnering with unique non-profit programs that benefit groups - like veterans.  

Member-to-Member Match and Beyond

The Ritz Group is a 33-year-old non-profit providing monthly networking events and programs dedicated to connecting Entrepreneurs with seed and Series A capital from Angel Investors.

New for 2019 is the Member Match Community powered by Brite Idea Lab.     What makes this so unique is Matching needs (ie need seed funds) with Haves (ie have seed funding).    All member (entrepreneurs, angels, VC, inventors, students, organizations, corporations, and universities) create their business profiles and then define what they NEED or what the HAVE.  The system machine matches both parties and delivers the candidate set to a back office GUI modeled after Outlook's delivery of emails.   Yes, this is similar in concept to the popular dating sites,  but re-designed for the entrepreneur ecosystem.   It solves a major problem in Georgia, that our ecosystem is geographically dispersed and siloed.

The Ritz Group member community not only connects Ritz Group members but also members to the Georgia ecosystem and to the world.

Member Storefronts to Sell Produts and Services

The Ritz Group is again unique in that we recognize there are 3 essential resources in our Entrepreneurial ecosystem.  They are Entrepreneurs, capital funding resources and "others."   Others refer to the individuals and companies who are engaged in the ecosystem to "sell" a product or service.  Yes, product and service sellers perform a vital function in growing early-stage companies.

Brite Idea Lab recognizes this and provides "Sellers" or even "Sponsors" with a Storefront option that can feature up to 4 Products or Services with direct links to their eCommerce sell pages.   The storefront can also be a link to advertising or promotions.   Funds could also list their open and new funds

The key is Members who are there to sell their goods and services can do so openly.   Their Match Criteria enables them to precisely "Target" their ideal candidate (buyers).  Sellers are machined matched to ONLY buyers who match their criteria.   This avoids unwanted advertising and spamming.   Potential buyers can also block machine matches from sellers.   Their Match Criteria also serve as a Firewall for unwanted solicitations.

The URIKA is buyer and seller can now MATCH based on their specified criteria of WANTS and HAVES.  Welcome to the new digital world in the 21st Century!   (more) 

Corporate Innovation Solutions

looking up at the sky, surrounded by tall skyscrapers, stormy sky above

The Ritz Group has partnered with Corporate Foundry to provide products and services addressing corporate innovation.   This suite of services, apps and cloud-based platforms enable corporations to "connect" with the Open 360 public entrepreneurial world for technology and first-mover ventures, as well as address their requirement to capture the internal flow of ideas from employees.  The Ritz Group lives at the intersection of Entrepreneur and Corporate Innovation.   (more)

New Sponsor for Cause Programs

The new Ritz Group 4.0 programs for 2019 combined with new Sponsor programs consist of both active deployed programs, as well as programs needing corporate strategic partnerships and funding.  The are programs beyond the scope and scale of the Ritz Group.    They are however, with corporate and community support,  projects that can make an impact on Georgia's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Ritz Group is the home for several programs and platforms directly impacting veterans worldwide.  We have white label match platforms that can "connect" our entertainment ecosystem This is an extension of our annual Entertainment Shark Attacks.  These Match Platforms extend to Sports, World Trade, Government Contracts, Apparel and others where people and business want to "connect."     (more)


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