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New for 2020


Every year Team Ritz Group looks at our role is in Atlanta's ecosystem to assess what we can do better or what voids can we fill.   The Georgia entrepreneur ecosystem is not immune to disruption and if we fail to pivot - we will be  "just a fond memory."

What follows is an outline of the programs we are going forward with for 2020.  We have re-tooled our website and member community designed to match you with other Ritz Group Members, our Georgia ecosystem and potentially  - the world.

I truly believe our eight (8) Programs are significant and when we successfully roll them out - will make an impact on Georgia and perhaps beyond.

Please JOIN me in our cause and to position you for even more success in 2020.         Larry


RG Logo grey

New Website

Totally refocused on informing our members what is happening and when

Program Sponsor

New Sponsorship Programs

3 New Sponsorships tailored to specific ecosystem GAPs 

BIL Logo black

New Member Match Platform

Member to Member profiles with Match to Ideas, Biz-ID's & Corporations 

Individual Membership

New Membership Programs

3 new Memberships and profiles for Individuals, Corporations and Service Providers 

Glob Hub

New Partner Programs

We are going remote with our Events, Training, Programs & Services 


New Entrepreneur Luncheon

Filling the GAP in private equity training for "Going Private"

Angel Club Logo

New Angel Academy

Creating more Angels and more Lead Angels 

Ritz Crypto Logo

New Ritz Crypto Fund

Providing Investor liquidity with two yield opportunities    


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