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Launching in September 2021

The Ritz Group is proud to announce the nation's first Angel Accelerator utilizing the newest private equity methodologies for creating and managing a Private Equity Shareholder company .   

The number one problem nationwide, with the exception of Silicone Valley,  is the availability of Angel round seed funding.  This is a critical component to enable entrepreneurs to create the proof items required by Angel funds and Series A investors. 

The Angel Accelerator is designed to create more Angels that are confident to invest in Seed Round Companies.   

The Angel Accelerator will consist of  Angel Registration into our ecosystem, a series of Breakfast orientation, prior to three half-day accelerator Co-Horts followed by a year end Shark Attack Graduation and networking main event.

Investors that should attend are executives who want to balance their portfolio's with a high return- higher risk investments,  existing Angels who have been out of the market for some time,  passive Angels who want to become lead angels and Angels with a check who want to engage passively, or mentors who want to provide equity guidance to their mentored companies.   

All Sessions will be taught online and as applicable in person when pandemic safe.   Angel Academy candidates will have the option to mix and match breakfast orientations and the three Co-Hort modules.   The Angel Academy is a four (4) step Program.





Angel Scholarships


Defining your Investment Interests &  Criteria (Sweet Spot) 

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Breakfast Orientation

Sponsored orientation to the Accelerator and what's happening in the Private Equity Market 

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Angel Accelerator

3 half Day Modules one week apart  


Graduation Shark Attack

$100,000 Stock Awards Networking & Pitch Graduation Event 

REGISTRATION:  The first step in engaging in the private equity marketplace is to create your identity and define your investment "Sweet Spot."  This will enable you to connect with opportunities that meet your criteria - more importantly filter those who don't  

BREAKFAST ORIENTATION:  To introduce the Angel Accelerator Co-Hort,  a series of 4 sponsored breakfasts will be conducted to introduce high-net worth individuals to the Angel Academy Program.   We will also provide an Expert Panel to update us on the state of the private equity ecosystem. 

ANGEL ACCELERATOR:   With ton's of accelerators for Entrepreneurs, we are pleased to launch the first Accelerator for ANGELS.  Whether  you are NEW and want to make your first private equity investment, or have not been in the market for years, or want to migrate from a passive to lead angel, one or all three of the Angel Accelerator Modules is for you.   Mix and Match based on your schedule and thirst for investing in the Entrepreneurial market.     

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Introduction to Private Equity Investing for the NEW Angels and experienced investors who have been inactive 

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Angel 201

A course introducing the Capital Drill - a new private equity model for creating and managing a private shareholder company 



Experience 3 companies making their 30 minute Investor pitch and then being dissected for the Group by experts 

$100k GRADUATION SHARK ATTACK EVENT:   Our year end graduation celebration networking event will feature our three Digital Shark Attack winning companies pitching for a $100K stock investment.   Graduates having completed the Accelerator Lab will have first hand exposure to 6 companies that may be in your investment "sweet-spot."   Having completed one, or all three Co-Horts, you will know precisely your investment criteria and ROI expectations.    


Pitch Tank Sign

Digital Shark Attack

Apply to Pitch for the $100K stock award Shark Attack through Digital Shark Attack 



Mix and Mingle with Investors, Entrepreneurs, Sharks and drill-down with the Exhibitors. 



Exhibit, show your product, demo and pass out literature and get honest feedback 



WIN $100K Cash for Stock Award based on Digital Shark Attack Qualifications, audience and Jude voting. 


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