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The Veterans TEAM house is a NEW National Crusade to help Veterans leaving the Service, those with PTSD, plus a real solution for homelessness and addressing over 40-44 Veteran suicides a day.

Support.   No question for the love of Veterans in the US and by the media.  No question on the number of charities, non-profits, and even government programs that support Veterans.  Most offer help for the Victims, but do not address the ROOT CAUSE of the problem.   Most, if not all programs, are localized rifle-shots at solving the problem.   Thank you for them – each and everyone helps.  But, we can do more...

Solution.    The Veteran TEAM House project is a NEW workable solution consisting of three (3) Critical PARTNERSHIPS.   First, is a “boots on the ground” organization with a point of presence in EVERY city and town and has local programs for Veterans.    Missing from local efforts is the structure and depth of a National Program that is compelling for Vets.

Second, multiple Corporate and National Veteran Charities organized around Veterans.  Missing in their programs are the “boots on the Ground” with Programs to reach local Veterans.

Third, is technology infrastructure to digitally connect the above mega solution partners to implement programs to over 16.5 million veterans.   Technology platforms are essential, but require Boots on the Ground for a local point-of-presence, plus leadership from the major corporations and non-profits to drive adoption.

Premise.   That, anyone of the above major components, on their own, will fall short of the mission, but together… can make a difference for those who have given this country so much.

November 21, 2019

Veteran Shark Attack

Veterans Shark Attack at the Ritz Group November 10, 2023 

Capital Expo Logo Square

Veteran Pavilion

Veterans will have a Pavilion on the Capital Expo for Each Team House to Exhibit

Veterans Match Market

Veteran MATCH Market

Veterans MATCH MARKET connecting the Vet Ecosystem

VG Background Image

Veteran Car Club Association

Veteran Car Club Member Association for Charity

THE PROBLEM:   First, let’s address the Root Cause of the problem.  It is simple.  The military (All Branches) historically and today, does an unbelievable job of TRAINING our soldiers - to not be individuals, but members of a fully functional TEAM with a MISSION.   As a member of this TEAM – everyone has a role, responsibility to themselves, but more importantly to the TEAM.   If that TEAM is engaged in active combat this ETHOS is even more intense.   It is physical conditioning combined with mental preparedness – the likes for which are required when your life, your TEAM, or your country is at risk.

Nothing like this exists in the outside world.   Not in Corporate America, main street, the trades or schools.  And when the Service man or woman leaves the military, even with the Military de-briefing outplacement programs, the real world just does not have this intensity, TEAM structure, or even close to the responsibility every TEAM member in a combat operation accepts.

Therefore, the veteran, when they leave the service…. is ALL ALONE.   No mission, no purpose, often no job and maybe no outside skills with the same level of responsibility they had in the Military.   Often the family bonds are NOT as great as the military TEAM.   When family bonds are strong, and a JOB awaits the VET, then Vets flourish with their training.

But that is the 20% rule.    80% of the Veterans do NOT leave the service under these conditions.   They are NOT trained to survive on their own, depression sets in, followed by drinking and drugs.  Then the downward self-destruction spiral begins – all to often without “their TEAM” to bring them BACK.    It is the perfect storm for self-destruct 101.

Only another veteran can feel their pain or understand what they are going through.  Military service is beyond a Fraternity of Brothers.  This ethos is ingrained in their sole.   This is like pro sports football players…  who retire without any outside business experience, but because they are rich - family ties are strong and they do not have to re-join society.  Those without a support system represent a smaller population that the League can manage.


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