Ritz Group Holdings, LLC.

Leading the Democratization of De-Fi

Ritz Group Organization – Georgia’s 40 year old non-profit, dedicated to connecting Entrepreneurs to Capital resources, and a leader in technology Innovation, is proud to announce the formation of Ritz Group Holdings, LLC providing the SEC and FINRA licensing to launch a new class of custodial NFT Tokens called StockBlocNFTtm for Reg A+, Reg CF,  Reg D, and designated State Investment Exemption securities.

The Ritz Goal is to streamline the NFT digital Tokenization Process for Securities – making the process even simpler than today’s CF, Listing Portal and ATS requirements, plus use Smart Contracts to maintain the regulatory requirements for Reg A+ and specific State Tax Exemption laws.   Ritz will comply with new FINRA SPBD licensing and use the full power of the blockchain to secure and manage securities trading and ownership.   

In addition to providing the investor with regulatory compliance, this De-FI breakthrough is achieved through our technology stack enabling Ritz Community members, plus our Affiliate CF and ATS partner companies with digital interfaces to port and easily create their complimentary StockBlocNFT raise. 

The Ritz tech onramp to Digital Tokenization complements issuers traditional raise strategy, by engaging in the NEW De-FI Digital global market.   It takes fractionalization down to the single stock level providing true democratization for investors to participate in companies on the fast path to IPO or Exit.  StockBlocNFT is a major game changer to manage massive stockholders vs. today’s ATS exchanges using SPV’s  to maintain CAP Table ownership.   

$250,000 Ritz Group Holdings, LLC Reg D Investment

Ritz Group has launched a $250,000 REG D raise for accredited investors to fund the launch of RGH.    This raise will be a convertible debenture in blocks of  $25K with conversion option at the same price/share  offered by the first Series A Round Investors.    This investment will provide the staffing to launch the formation of the Ritz Group Broker-Dealer, consummate the acquisition of an established Atlanta Broker Dealer,  along with establishing the licensing, trademarks, plus Georgia and Federal registration requirements.

RG Innovation Stars

The Ritz Fund & Company Pool

Ritz Group Holdings will create and manage a VC-Type FUND to make Seed and Series A investments in companies selected as the "Best-of-the-Ritz" called "Innovation Stars".    The Ritz Group Holdings Fund will also raise capital by issuing a StockBlocNFT using the Georgia IGE in the Pilot.    In addition, Innovation Star Companies in the Ritz Group Fund  can also elect to raise funds by allocating a portion of their CAP Table for StockBlockNFT's.   The StockBlocNFT funding strategy represents a form of a Sidecar.

Investors wishing to learn more about participate in the Ritz Group "Pool Play" should  click here  or the Red Button on the right

Companies may Learn More or Submit their Application to RGH in the Ritz Member Community, click here or the Blue Button on the right

Ritz Listing Portal

Ritz Group Holdings, as a part of their Broker-Dealer Licensing, will create and manage a standard first issue LISTING PORTAL for Reg A+, Reg CF and Reg D capital raises.   Members of the Ritz Group, or Members of Brite Idea Lab, can enroll in the listing Portal with one Click.   Companies wishing to obtain additional  liquidity with secondary trading may do so by listing with the Ritz In-Trust StockBlocNFT Exchange.     

Investors wishing to learn more about participating in the Ritz Group LISTING PORTAL should  click here  or the Red Button on the right

Companies may Learn More or Submit their Application to RGH in the Ritz Member Community, click here or the Blue Button on the right


In-Trust NFT Exchange

StockBlocNFT’s will enable companies to issue a “Block of Stock” at their per share offering price, that will be placed "In Trust" and then MINTED on the Ritz Exchange, using a Smart Contract to govern the trading, to include a buyer’s decision to fractionalize their NFT purchase.

At Company Exit, the Issuer will pay out Ritz Trust at the exit per share offering price and Ritz Trust, via their Transfer Agent, will pay out ALL blockchain NFT owners of record and burn the NFT.

Capital Expo Logo-Video

Capital Expo

Launching the Industries first licensed, In-Trust Private Equity Securities Token Exchange 

Ritz Group Holdings Pavilion on the Capital Expo

Ritz Group Holdings will create and manage a PAVILION on the Georgia Capital Expo with Exhibitor eBOOTHS hosted in their respective Aisles for the RGH Listing Portal and Funding Pool of Companies.   Capital Expo and the RGH Pavilion will provide very valuable exposure to the Ritz Group Innovation Stars Pool Companies,  as well as the companies on our Listing Portal.

Sponsors can support and participate by sponsoring the Ritz Group Holding Pavilion Lobby, Aisles, or Auditorium.


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