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Ritz Group Re-Seed Accelerator 

We are pleased to announce for 2024, Ritz Group will launch a new Pre-Seed Accelerator for idea-stage Entrepreneurs, first-time founders, people making the leap from employee to entrepreneur, and small teams that are pre-funding.

For years the Ritz Group education niche focused exclusively on preparing early stage companies raising capital at the Seed and Series A Round from Angels, Angel Pools and VC.  We do that with our Capital Drill Modeling, Classroom Training and Angel Accelerator.

NOW, we will be able to work with founders before they are ready to do a Private Equity Seed round, attend a Series A Accelerator or raise private equity funding from professional investors.

Our GOAL is to turn IDEAS and visions into fundable startups, and startups into global businesses.

Whether you just have an idea, are building an MVP, or already have a startup with an Alpha/Beta, we can now help you scale.

Our Pre-Seed Accelerator is 100% ONLINE and consists of 16 once-a-week, 1-Hour Sessions, with 14 Sprints, to actually create and develop your new business - while you maintain your current employment. .

Each CoHort is a PROVEN “Learn and hands-on” highly-structured program that has given over 1,000 entrepreneurs clarity on their next steps, critical feedback on their decisions, plus a global network (to include Silicone Valley connections) to support their growth and scale.


APPLY NOW and participate in our Head-Start Preparation

This is your opportunity to play a key role in our 2024 Pre-Seed Accelerate Co-Hort:

a.     Founders with pre-seed concepts to apply and be pre-qualified, or learn more….. [Click Here]

b.    Business and Investor experienced Program Leaders to go through T3 Training to lead a Ritz Group Co-Horts and their Founders* [Click Here]

c.     Mentors, to include SBA Advisors, to help Co-Hort candidates* [Click Here]

d.   Investors and Sponsors who want to promote Diversity Candidates, or provide Scholarships for selected vertical market Candidates [Click Here]

(*) Note:  Volunteer and compensation options available.


We are eager to answer your questions. Please contact Shauna Smith (Shauna@ritzgroup), or Larry White (


We will hold a series of Announcement Webinars in December and January on the February Co-Hort.   Please continue to check the Ritz Group website ( for dates, times and online



Dates:    Quarterly in 2024   


Location:   100% Online 


Fees:   $199 to $999 with Ritz Group Membership

Pre-Seed Webinar Dates (to be announced)


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