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Imagine... a football sized convention center that is the Annual Meeting place for the entire Georgia entrepreneurial ecosystem with thousands of visitors, who can walk the floor for  3 or 4 days   to find out what's happening from every major organization, incubator, accelerator, co-working space and university.

Imagine... walking the Aisles of Venture Atlanta, TAG, TIE, Tech Square, Ritz Group, The Farm, Tech Stars, AIM, Weworks, ATV and our leading Universities to visit the exhibit booths of the Entrepreneur companies they incubate, mentor or host. 


Imagine... going to the Break-Out rooms of each of the hosts and seeing  videos, a summary of their programs, training materials to understand their focus and what they believe is their "sweet-spot" in delivering value to our ecosystem

Imagine... the Sponsor benefits vs. today's piecemeal exposure to one or two major venues, while the remainder fight to make it on their own.

Imagine... the benefits to the State Government responsible for fostering Georgia's Entrepreneurial Community,  not to forget the benefit to Start-Up Atlanta, Invest Atlanta and each Metro Chamber of Commerce, as well as the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Alpharetta, Marietta, Savannah, Macon, and Augusta.

Imagine... the information exchange from product and service providers, investors, as well as strategic relationships formed with each other and with Georgia's Corporations looking for technologies or targeted market solutions.

Imagine... the insight gained from early stage entrepreneurs, from students and inventors who are about to begin their journey to build their business and make their mark on the world.

Imagine... the tremendous amount of money, time, effort, staffing and coordination required to pull-off an event of this magnitude  and of course set-up the infrastructure to repeat every year.

Imagine...Doing this Event DIGITALLY year around as a pre-requisite for some date in the future conducting the physical event once a year. 


          The State of Georgia is FIRST State in the NATION to take their Entrepreneur Ecosystem Digital  

That's because today the Technology exists to do everything VIRTUAL that we identified in the  physical Capital Expo Trade Show defined above. 

The Ritz Group is proud to be one of the founding Sponsor/Partners in the virtual Capital Expo and to lead the effort to make this  technology platform  another Georgia FIRST for Entrepreneurs.     What follows is a description of the major components of the virtual Capital Expo Event Platform.

For more information on how your company, organization or group can participate, please do not hesitate to contact us

Georgia Capital Expo Exclusives

Unique features


The Georgia Capital Expo is a Virtual Trade Show for  the Georgia Entrepreneurial Ecosystem that graphically simulates an annual physical Trade Show.   However, it is unique in the Virtual Trade Show Market because of Capital Expo's in that it hosts multiple Trade Shows, called Pavilions,  within the Capital Expo Platform. 

This means that  Pavilion owners have their own Virtual Floor Space that they create and mange.    Pavilion Event Producers brand their LOBBY, Aisles, Exhibitors and Auditorium.  They approve Exhibitors and set sponsor pricing for their Lobby, Aisles, and Auditorium.    Pavilion Owners  examples are Venture Atlanta, TIE, Ritz Group,  The Farm, or a University.   A Pavilion owner is anyone who incubates Entrepreneurs.    

The virtual goal is identical to the physical goal.   Feature the Pavilion Producer, their programs and their Exhibitors - organized by categories, called Aisles they define.   It is there space and  Capital Expo gives them the TOOLS to manage and control.    Pavilion owners recruit their own exhibitors and insure their eBooth meets their highest standards.    

Next, Exhibitors also create and manage their own eBOOTH.    They create only ONE eBooth and then apply to host in one or more Pavilion owners.  Even better, as a member of the Ritz Group or Brite Idea Labs, they can create or update their eBoth with one (1) or minimal clicks.

Exclusive Pavilion and Exhibitor ownership means their virtual space will be held to the highest standards.    It also means that promotion of Capital Expo is by the Pavilion Owner and they have contact with the most number of entrepreneurs and investors.

The Capital Expo Visitor Experience is also unique.  They also create their own profile and have their own briefcase, plus the ability to MATCH with other Visitors.    Visitor can search for Exhibitors via Country or State Capital Expo venue.

Beyond SEARCH Visitors can "swipe left" to navigate the global Capital Expo, a country or State, a Pavilion within a State and even Aisles within the Pavilion.    Again to simulate the physical Trade Show - "Let your fingers do your walking".

The goal with Capital Expo is to make it a no charge event for entrepreneurs, students, and non-profit organizations.     The funding for the Virtual Capital Expo will be provided by  5 to 10 corporate sponsors active in supporting each State-wide community Entrepreneur Ecosystem.    Sponsors can also Sponsor specific Events, Lobby's, Ailes and Auditoriums.   This money is posted directly in the Pavilion Owners Direct Deposit Account.     The Capital Expo GOAL is to share 75% of that revenue with participating Event stakeholders.



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