Quick Script for Georgia's Angels

The Ritz Group provides a New efficient way to profile Georgia Investors 

The Opportunity:     The Ritz Group has over 300 Investors consisting of unaccredited Angels, Accredited Angels, Angel Pools, Angel Funds, VC's and a handful of Brokers.

The Problem:    For the majority, the Ritz Group has NO idea if their Investors are active,  what industry, or what revenue growth stage they are investing in.   Are they even active?   Are they re-investing in current invested companies?    Or, are they diversifying based on COVID-19 based on essential services that are pandemic proof?

The Challenge:   Find a way to capture this information and keep it current so Ritz Group Entrepreneurs, and others, within the Georgia ecosystem can "find" the right investor based on matching their needs with active investors in their "Space."    All this Match requires the investor to define their investment "sweet-spot."

The Solution:   SCRIPTS-Powered by Brite Idea Lab.   They provide a quick and easy ten (10) question and answer session that is used to create a mini-investor Match Profile.   5 questions define who you are and 5 questions define your Investment "Criteria"   The AI-type of engagement is used to automatically build your Investor Match Profile.  The following is final summary of the Investor Script.

Invest five (5) Minutes to answer five (5)  questions about your Investment "Sweet Spot" 

Angel Script


Powered by Brite Idea Lab



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