Who’s data is my data in Whoville

I am a somewhat reluctant contributor on maximizing today’s member community value proposition.    At the turn of the century, my eBiz card, providing people with a dot.com answer to web identity and self-posting credentials, was de-railed by Facebook.   My effort to pivot into a credentials-based business community was de-railed by LinkedIn.

Both have grown in the last decade to be instrumental in exploding our social and business volunteer self-posting collaboration way of life.    Currently, Facebook is under federal scrutiny related to willingly facilitating the mining of self-posted member data, plus push-advertising based on member data and usage.   Both were without direct member knowledge or explicit consent.

More significantly, this has enlighten new consumer awareness for… who really “owns” and controls the information (data) they “voluntarily” enter?  We explore this in subsequent BLOG (Zuckerberg Trials)

This emerging new age of consumer data transparency also translates to companies with member databases.    The issue is not just the traditional cyber security external privacy protection, but has expanded to internal “use” and “control” of MY MEMBER DATA in Whoville.

“We know so much about you that we can predict and deliver exactly what you need – WRONG”

Today, online business communities have significant asset value because corporations have recognized “owning” a customer and their activity metrics are GOLDEN. Conversely, surrendering that ownership to a competitor, or a third party, has been egregiously disrupted by today’s new leaders.   Businesses can’t risk losing control of their customers and in fact, they must be pro-active to keep them.

This sets up the perfect storm regulation scenario with the NEED to give members MORE, not less.   To do this means defining what members WANT, but also with transparency giving them CONTROL.    Today this new model is becoming all about the “I” in “Me.”

Only “I” really know what “I” want and only then will “I” value your efforts to find it for “Me.”

We have just defined the “Ultimate Member Consigner.” We see that trend evolving today in our homes, smart cars and mobile phones with Seri and Alexia voice commands.. “Who is….” and “Do this…”

Consigner Member logic works by enabling member’s to “Opt-In” to the member-only consigner portal to specify “things” they want automatically delivered to them from other members. As a consigner portal member, they can be the supplier, or the recipient. The key is they specify preferences for both.

The consigner member logic is binary…. I want and I need, or I have and want to sell or share.    We do this in the real world with conventions, trade shows and even networking.    In each, Birds-of-a-Feather participants get together to share, learn, trade, buy and sell.

So why not duplicate this experience online within a captive customer database to expand the member value proposition and lock in brand loyalty?
The process is simple. Let the consigner “Genie” search the participating consigner members to deliver needs/wants to the member’s consigner dashboard, along with the ease and convenience to store, connect, follow and manage each request or discovery.

Enter the new age of the empowered member.   The empowered member is seeking … Information, advice, products, services or a job.   The Ah-haaa moment is… these are the very same criteria for those who have “something” they want to share or deliver – Information, advice, products, services or a job opening.   In fact, a good member consigner portal can deliver a combination of both to members.    I have this…but I want that.

So, it is much like having a magic genie, or artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant, that serves your members every need and want, but under the strict control…. by the members who opt-in.

How difficult is it to make this happen?   Members have already provided standard member data as a part of their member profile. Simply port key portions of that data and ask them to complete their current Need/Wants or define what they have to Share/Sell.     It is not three wishes – but unlimited.

Since the Member Gene has unlimited AI powers, members need the option to define some of their rules to expand, or limit, their delivered results.   The Consigner members dashboard will monitor results, catalogue “finds” in their designated folders, enable FOLLOWs, as well as create a member colleague network to share “stuff.”
Like a trade show, the member consigner maximizes member-to-member collaboration.     Storefronts serve as exhibitor booths for members to sell products or services, and the third option enables members to showcase their businesses – ALL tailored and controlled by the consigner member.

Passing today’s enlighten member litmus test

From a consigner member perspective, I opt-in and specify ONLY what I want to receive.    I am in control of my data and what I want to share with others.   I am able to set and tune my preference filters frequently – to see ONLY what meets my current needs and wants.

This is a  member-centric consigner value proposition that I am NOW in full control of leveraging my trusted business relationships.