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You want to do what?

FIND THE MINIMUM VALUATION METRIC THAT SATIFIES THE INVESTOR ROI. The real issue is……can you manage a shareholder private equity company?   Maybe, a pre-cursor is….Can you sell your companies “securities” to investors who wrote the book on placements and this is your “first” attempt?    These are not good odds.   Given, if you are not a class A…

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What’s on Second

Valuation is in the eyes of the beholder,  or in our case… the investor.   As we illustrated in our previous Blog, the more you move through the Capital food-chain,   the more proof-items you must have to mitigate investor risk.    The Capital “drill” is real.    It is like Baseball.   Only a rare few go from high…

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Who’s on First?

KNOW THY ARENA! As an entrepreneur and engaged in the Ritz Group seeing over 120 companies pitching at Shark Attack, and reviewing 4x more applicants, one becomes immersed in the “ART” of Private Equity Funding.   As an entrepreneur, I was fortunate to be self-funded and did not have to deal with shareholders.   Banks were tough enough.   But,…

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