Innovation Stars is a hybrid ACCELERATOR NETWORK for later-stage companies who have revenue and/or have completed one private equity raise. Our GOAL is to provide resources to accelerate Exits

Like an accelerator,  Innovation Stars has a BATCH. They are the top 100 companies raising funds to exit and 50 future Stars preparing for their first Series A rounds.

Innovation Star BATCH Candidates are submitted by our PARTNERS comprised of Georgia’s TOP funds, angels, organizations, co-working and accelerators.   

Innovation Stars will represent the TECHNOLOGY sector, while also recognizing and supporting the State of Georgia’s leadership in entertainment, food & beverage, consumer goods, real estate and bio-science.

Unlike traditional accelerators, Innovation Stars is virtual and the later-stage BATCH will not be required to reside or go through a training course.   Instead, the focus will concentrate on matching their NEEDS to exit through a virtual MATCH MARKET with our Partners and Resources with In-State products and services.

Match Market enables Funds and Angles to define their “sweet spot” to be matched with Stars and resources meeting their criteria.   They have a back office and dashboard to manage their portfolio, to follow for automatic updates, store and disseminate to colleagues leading to more deal syndication.

In addition to being profiled online, Innovation TOP 100 Stars, 50 Future Stars, Partners, Sponsors and Corporate Partners will be showcased by vertical industry on the Innovation Stars website, at three quarterly Pitch-A-Thon events leading-up to Venture Atlanta, in addition to being featured quarterly printed Partner Report.

To accelerate Deal Flow,  Innovation Star Partners will be able to target or broadcast Shooting Star ALERTS to other Partners and optionally,  to our database of non-partner Funds (10), VC (100) and Angels (205) highlighting a new “HOT” deal or a critical “NEED.”

Similar to Shark Attack TV (SATV),  Innovation Stars TV (ISTV) is a half to one hour TV Show Featuring an indepth analysis of a TOP 100 Company.   Media Distributors license  ISTV packages to place in Internet TV, cable and/or broadcast TV markets.   Innovation Stars provides the Pre-Screening Boot Camp,  production studio options,  plus post production editing and archival storage.  (learn more)  

TOP 100 STARS   (Later Stage Companies)

TOP 50 Future Stars

We are fortunate in Georgia, to live in a modern, progressive, forward-thinking entrepreneurial climate that fosters innovation with over 68 Funds/VC, 200+ active angels, 50+ organizations (like the Ritz Group), 67 universities, 20+ government organizations/chambers, 33+ co-working and accelerators - with more coming from Atlanta, midtown, Buckhead, Alpharetta, Norcross, Marietta and Gainesville.

The challenge is to “Connect the Dots.” Innovation Stars is dedicated to “Matching"  STARS with Georgia’s vast resources to accelerate DEAL FLOW and earlier EXIT success.

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Become A Partner


March 16, 2017 

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Innovation Stars role is to promote and showcase PARTNERS and  their Deal Flow.    The Partner Spotlight Program is designed to promote a New Partner or Fund to both Partners and non-members (3,500).   This is achieved with the Partner Spotlight webpage plus Newsletter email distribution to over 3,500, in addition to targeted media releases (53).    

Draw Bridge recognizes many companies must raise a round of debt prior to completing their equity raise.    Similar to Shooting Star ALERTS, Draw Bridge enables Innovation Stars to showcase companies raising BRIDGE rounds along with Sponsors or Angels offering Bridge Funds.    Draw Bridge ALERTS go out to Partners and optionally to our database of Funds (10), VC (100) and Georgia Angels (205).      

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