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Shooting Star ALERTS  

Innovation Stars Shooting Star ALERTS enable PARTNERS to broadcast a "new" funding venture to the Innovation Stars Network,  or optionally  to  our database of Georgia Funds (10+), VC (100+)  and Angels (205+).   

Our strategic goal is to promote to the non-partner channel to define their investment "sweet-spot" and, when appropriate, have them become a Partner and image online in the Match Market to facilitate online matching. 

STEP 1.      The PARTNER must vet the company being submitted to attest to its investor readiness.
STEP  2.        The PARTNER submits the Shooting Star Request online, or prepares an email submission  to Innovation Stars defining the targeted ALERT audience,  company contact information, plus submission of the Investor deck or Executive Summary.  
                        A.    Innovation Stars Accelerator Network Members ONLY or
                        B.    Targeted Vertical Industry in the Innovation Stars Partner Network and/or 


                        C.     Innovation Stars database - Fund/VC pool (over 100+) members/non-member of the Ritz Group
                        D.      Georgia's Angels (200+) members/non-members of the Ritz Group   

STEP 3.          Innovation Stars will validate the submitted company is raising a fund and
                        A.      Place the company on the Innovation Star Home Page as a TOP Star or Future Star

                        B.     Place the company on the Innovation Star "Shooting Star" ALERT Web Page  

                        C.      Profile the company  on the Innovation Stars Accelerator Network hosted on Brite Idea Lab Match Market    

                        D.      Issue the company a Match ID key - to maintain confidentiality with non-Partners and to FIND quickly by Partners 

                        E.       Craft the ALERT email to be approved by the submitting Partner prior to Distribution           

 STEP 4.          Innovation Stars issues a "Shooting Star"  email  to.....

                        A.    PARTNERS - to validate interest or foster syndication through their capital network 
                        B.    To the Innovation Star non-Partner database of Funds (10), VC (100) and Angels (205) 

                 For More Information or Submit a Shooting Star ALERT     Contact Larry White  678-481-4939  or   Larry@Ritzgroup.org 


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 STEP 5.         Follow-up Response (Specified by submitting Partner)

                        A.    PARTNERS can respond online and FOLLOW and/or reach-out to the contacts listed on the profile.

                        B.    Innovation Stars will serve as a clearing house for non-Partners who express interest

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