For more discussion or options on SATV and SATV Licensing, please contact Larry White at 678-481-4939 or  Larry@ritzgroup.org.

Licensing:     SATV is owned by a for-profit Georgia company operating under the trade name 4GA, responsible for licensing SATV to distributors and operating the Pre-Production Boot Camp. 

Pre-Production:   SATV Boot Camp is responsible for promoting the "Casting Call" screening the candidates and insuring the five companies are "Show-Ready"     This includes perfecting their pitch and validating they are loaded correctly on one to four optional show platforms.  They are Voting,  eCommerce on the SATV eCommerce platform, plus crowfunding and IGE private equity platforms.   The Boot Camp goal is to deliver show-ready candidates to the Production Shoot - to include Sharks and pitching companies.

Production:   The SATV Show is filmed  in a professional studio producing 2 to 4 shows per day.  The Studio Shoot will provide all of the SATV graphics, staging, lighting, cameras, crew  and green rooms to accommodate sharks, guests and presenting companies. 

Post Production:  The SATV post-shoot edits the SATV Show.   Editing takes the raw footage and creates a 21 minute show to include slots for pre-production inclusions on the show intro, closing, plus the promo introductions for regular and guest Sharks.

Distribution:  Distributors license SATV for specific vertical and/or geographic markets.   They are responsible for promoting the SATV production to their media channels.  (Internet TV, Cable, Broadcast), as well as air-time sponsors.    The SATV license is tailored for each Distributor.   The Distributor has the option to operate their own pre-production, production and post production operation under their SATV licensing agreement.  They also can outsource one or more production components through 4GA.   

Licensing Verticals:   The distributor (Licensor) determines the SATV show theme and coverage.   SATV could be global, national, state-wide or local.   SATV themes can be Industry verticals (technology, entertainment, food & beverage, medical, consumer goods, gaming etc.).  They can be public-facing for entrepreneurs or tailored to corporations seeking IDEAS for their brand.  SATV can be licensed to  corporations creating web-casting versions for their internal company use with employee crowd-cheering promotion.    Best of shows for veterans, cities or education represent ideal markets for SATV themes.    To illustrate the SATV licensing options, three vertical markets are presented below.   They are Entertainment, Universities and Corporations.  .    

SATV-Entertainment is an SATV License by a national promoter/distributor who produces a series of SATV shows in major cities exclusively for Entertainment projects.  The show moves from major city-to-city featuring the "Best-Of" each cities entertainment plays, TV pilots, movie scripts and gaming.   ICON and guest entertainment Sharks judge the 5 show presenters, as can the  audience  crowd-cheering on their Lab-Rat APP (Vote), as well as donate to the cause if the presenter is crowdfunding.   This enables each city to rally around their local talent, as well as the licensor to capture the "best" fresh new ideas for the entertainment industry.  

SATV-Universities is a local and/or national license to capture and provide a media outlet for state-wide or national universities on a "Best-Of" format.       Georgia has over 67 Universities that could participate in a State-Wide competition.   Nationally the head-to-head competition would be organized by conference.   SATV show pitching candidates can be selected by each University and have the "Best-Of" each University present on SATV. The combination of Internet/web TV with cable and broadcast media come into play.   Audience crowd-cheering (voting) becomes an important factor in deciding who moves on to the next SATV show.  For the Universities the Rapid Fire represents a great forum for IDEAS and the Deep Dive is ideal for business ventures with traction.   Multiple SATV Licenses cover the state-wide and national productions.  

SATV-Corporations facilitates two Licensing versions.   The first is public-facing.   The second is the internal private SATV License.  

The SATV Public License addresses the corporations need to solicit ideas for their corporation from local or national entrepreneurs.   The number of shows is based on the number of applicants.  This enables Corporations to gather a broad spectrum of ideas - irregardless of whether the candidates make it to the Corporation's public SATV Show.   Sharks are both national and corporate executives.  SATV has positive consumer value because corporations are supporting local entrepreneurs.   Audience voting also plays a key roll in providing consumer reaction to ideas, products and services. 
The SATV private license is specific to one corporate entity.   It is targeted at internal web-casting and represents a great way for employees, affiliates and strategic partners to submit ideas and also have employees VOTE on their merits.    It represents the ultimate internal "contest" or "campaign" to gather and sceen IDEAS, in addition to gathering employee support through Lab Rat voting on smart phones.   

Most SATV Licenses for Corporations will include all of the pre, production and post production options.

The Shark Attack TV Show (SATV) is a  30 minute TV Show based on the successful Shark Attack "Live"  Program created and produced by the Ritz Group, a non-profit Networking Group conducting monthly meetings at the City Club of Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia.

SATV will feature 3 permanent and one guest SHARK/s vs. 4 rapid-fire and 1 deep dive presenting companies.  Sharks render their opinion on  the value proposition worthiness of the rapid fire companies and the Investment Readiness of the capital solicitation of the deep dive company.

SATV provides the viewing audience with several real-time exclusives, such as a free smart phone APP to VOTE (crowd-cheering), the ability to purchase goods online (consumer goods), to donate (Crowdfundiing venue) and to Invest (Georgia IGE)