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The Innovation Stars Market Match Goal: Improve Georgia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem traditional “connect”  using the latest MATCH technology giving each “subscriber” more control over their match credentials, their Search/Match candidate set display, plus a back office to manage and disseminate their portfolio of matches.

The Architecture: The four pillars of Innovation Stars Match Market are… 1) Provide members with control of their MATCH criteria based on their needs or wants. 2) Provide members with control of their MATCH candidate set display - their one chance to drive downstream web collateral clicks. 3) Provide a back office to store and follow “MATCHES,” and 4) enable members to disseminate MATCHES to other members.

Exclusives: Innovation Stars Market Match recognizes not all Members are alike and therefore, require unique profiles designed to minimize their engagement and maximize their return. Second, MATCH must be based on more than just member profiles, but on sub-profiles for members who have multiple ideas, products, services, or promotions - each with their unique needs, MATCH criteria and candidate display requirements. This multi-level architecture must provide the ability to MATCH profile members with sub-profiles from other members. MATCH should be automatically delivered to members as a matter of convenience. Finally, members must have full control on the throttles for how much or how little MATCH they receive.

For more information   Contact    Larry White     Larry@ritzgroup.org

Special Features

1. Sub-Profiles: The Sub-Profile feature enables entrepreneurs to profile an “unlimited” number of ideas, ventures and companies with specific capital raises and NEEDS. The Match Market will SEARCH and Auto MATCH an Entrepreneurs sub-profile with Collectors (Funds, VC, Angels and Corporations) in addition to Service Providers (Sponsors, Resource Collective Partner). Each Sub-Profile has their own photo/video, candidate description, special features and MATCH criteria

2.   Syndication Profiles:   Smilar to entrepreneurs,  fund managers, VC's and angels can also profile one or their portfolio of companies providing each with a unique set of MATCH criteria to find other Angels, Funds or VC to syndicate deals.   This means fund managers, VC's and angels have one profile as "Collector" to find Deals and one as a "Submitter" to place deals for syndication.  

3. Member Following: The Innovation Stars Match Market has a FOLLOW feature enabling members to request to FOLLOW other member sub-profile offerings. When accepted, all sub-profile updates automatically trigger an email message to all members who FOLLOW the sub-profile owner. New Messages are automatically delivered to each member when they OPEN their Back Office.
4. Member Networks: Market Match enables to create internal Networks for “Birds-of-a-Feather” members. For example members can be a member of the “Speakers Club” or the “CINO Club.” Other members can SEARCH for Club members or the Network designation (i.e. CINO) can be included in their Auto-MATCH Criteria.
5. Advanced Search: Standard and Advanced Searches benefit from using the Member MATCH Profile credentials resulting in significantly improved SEARCH results.





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