Innovation Stars is a one hour TV production dissecting one entrepreneur venture with product in the marketplace, traction, and an open capital raise. Show candidates will represent multiple vertical industries (Technology, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Medical/Wellness, Real Estate, FinTech. etc.)

The Show is hosted by professional TV personalities, like Bob Rathbun Fox Sports South or Buck Lanford, Fox Five Good Day Morning Anchor, both past Shark Attack EMCEE Hosts.

Innovation Stars is an entrepreneur reality “edu-tainment” series for entrepreneurs, investors, plus the general public and corporate audience who want a deeper view into the rigors and challenges associated with today’s entrepreneurial landscape and success factors.  The program goal is to build a library of on demand content, in addition to Innovation Star updates, suitable for today’s Internet TV, cable and broadcast channel distribution.
Innovation Stars will consist of an Introduction, four primary content segments plus a closing with a total of 8 commercial breaks. Each one hour show will be managed by an Executive Producer responsible for pulling all show “content” together and a Director responsible for filming and editing the final content.

Introduction: An animation video or announcer/EMCEE professionally delivering the elevator Pitch introducing “the value prop.”

The Founder Power Interview: EMCEE host interviewing the Founder or Founding Team covering the key aspects detailed in the one page Executive Summary/Tear Sheet.

Power User Field Trials: This is the shows lovable, propeller head geek that conducts the “field test” for the product providing an independent user “Test Drive” experience. This segment can include actual user or strategic partner interviews to collaborate the shows Test Drive. This segment transitions into “What else in on the Market in this space?”

Competitive Disruption Assessment. This featured segment analyses the competitive landscape and testifies as to the niche or debunks the myth. It addresses steps to stay alive, be competitive and successfully scale.

The Power Round Table: This segment features a panel of 4 experts in the vertical being featured. Each will have completed their own independent research prior to the show and express their views - both positive and negative. Negatives can be in the form of “watch-it’s” or exposures. In general the areas of expertise are… Legal/IP expert perspective, financial assessment, value prop and keys to success. The Power Round Table will conclude with an Overall Assessment by the four panel members.

Closing: Show Summary by the Host EMCEE to include any voting results and existing web collateral to enable the viewer to follow up.
The Show Niche: Innovation Stars represents a video media extension of today’s traditional internet posting on Gust, Pro-Seeder and other global venues. More importantly, it provides key independent assessments to support or raise issues. Both serve to “De-Risk” potential investment.

Funding: Funding is provided by the Shows Sponsors, to include majors (Coke, Home Depot, Delta, Chick-Fil-a) who want to show support for community entrepreneurism and innovation. Other sponsors include leading accelerators, co-working space like Tech Stars, Rocket Space, ATV, ATDC, or Universities who want to showcase their “Best” and build their national exposure. Sponsor investment not only includes the individual show creation, but also on the air promotional collateral. Each show revenue model is based on licensing to media distributors, plus Innovation Stars content library show resales.
Relation to Shark Attack: Both shows complement each other. Shark Attack features four pre-rev early stage companies and two later stage entrepreneurial ventures with revenue. Innovation Stars focus on later stage companies providing a deeper “Drill-Down” assessment by experts.

Both productions use the same show management technology infrastructure and the smart phone APP for Crowd Cheering (Voting, Purchase, Donation and Investing). Both Productions provide the same options for Pre-Production, Production and Post Production sources to include digital content library storage.





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Innovaton Stars TV (ISTV) 

A New TV Production from the Founders of Shark Attack

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