Shark Attack May 11, 2017

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Innovation Stars is a  virtual Accelerator Network where the BATCH is the Top 100 later-stage companies (STARS), plus 50 Future Stars are submitted by an exclusive network of PARTNERS from leading funds, organizations, co-working space and accelerators.

The GOAL is to fund and accelerate exits. Match technology is used to connect the Innovation Stars network hosted on Brite Idea Lab with the Georgia ecosystem to accelerate resource matching and deal flow syndication.

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Companies will be able to Exhibit physically at the Ritz Group monthly networking meetings, as well as virtually on the Ritz Group Expo.   Creating an e-Booth on the Capital Expo extends the exhibitor experience.  To learn more about exhibiting  (click here


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Want to PITCH at Shark Attack?    Once your information is received, we will contact you and schedule a virtual audition.  Candidates  are coached and evaluated.  The three best are chosen to pitch for a 4 minute pitch with a 10 minute Q&A.   To learn more  (click here)  

Brite Idea Lab is public-facing Search and Match  portal for Entrepreneurs with early stage businesses and Inventors with IDEAS to connect with corporations, organizations and universities.     Brite Idea Lab enables members to list their NEEDS to get help and shop for resources.    The Lab Rat mobile APP is used to VOTE on ideas providing a Crowd Cheering component to support the validity of the Idea.     The Innovation LAB is a remote on-site pitch event where 7 companies pitch and the audience comment, plus VOTE using  their  Lab Rat Mobile APP.   (learn more)

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Join us May 11th at the City Club in Buckhead for our monthly Networking and Shark Attack from 4:30 to 7:30pm    Shark Attack will feature 3 Veteran Judges(Sharks) vs. 3 early stage companies raising private equity funds. 


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4/26 Foodie Pitch Tank #1 

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