October Corporate Shark Attack Event begins at 3:30 and ends at 7:30 pm City Club of Buckhead

CORPORATE INNOVATION:    October 13th is our second annual Shark Attack celebrating INNOVATION and corporate engagement in our entrepreneurial ecosystem.   As we have observed with Shark Attacks for Entertainment (June) and Universities (September), Shark Attack is an excellent forum to bring vertical communities together  Our Goal is to define Georgia's corporate innovation resources and foster their engagement with entrepreneurs.   The collaboration process extends far beyond th actual event.

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Guest Host

Buck Lanford
Fox 5 Morning Anchor  EMCEE



A DEEPER VIEW       Vic Uzumeri PhD. 

               A Deeper View address the use of the latest Video technology to monitor assembly line operations

IMPACT MONEY MASTERY      Cathy Hankinson 
Impact address the latest Corporate Regulatory requirements to train employees on financial management   

OMIGA        Tim Dineen

                Omiga provides optic & IoT technology to measure driver alertness enabling corporate fleets to manage drivers


               Gross Capital                                   Valardi Group/Ameriprise Financial                                    NCR