The Ritz Group Gold, Silver and Bronze SPONSOR Programs  

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The Ritz Group has three major SPONSOR Programs.   They are the Ritz Group General Sponsor, The Resource Collective and the Sponsor Partner Program

Ritz Group Sponsors are proactive in promoting the growth of emerging businesses in Georgia.  They understand and value the role equity funding plays in our economic recovery.   They recognize the Ritz Group is a non-profit organization, does not charge for pitching and will play an important role in promoting "All" organizations dedicated to equity funding in Georgia.

The Gold Standard Premium Sponsorship for the Ritz Group Organization - a Non-Profit 501 c3  and  also  the Innovation Stars Accelerator Network  

Premium  Sponsors are recognized at all networking, Shark Attack, Pitch-A-Thon and Innovation Stars  events verbally, with signage, plus click through's on the Ritz Group web collateral.   

Premium Sponsors are featured on the Innovation Stars Partner Report quarterly.  They are also "Collectors" on Brite Idea Lab.

They receive one Gold Badge with FREE admittance  member to all Ritz Group Events

      COSTS:     $5,000/Year

A "Collective" of companies who are positioned with products and services for TOP and Future STARS who have raised their first super Angel or Series A round. 

Resource Collective recognizes that "Bootstrapped Companies have "run the wheels off" and when funded need to launch.   To do this requires trusted partners who are "Proven" in the Entrepreneurial marketplace.

Resource Collective Companies are also members Innovation Stars Accelerator Network hosted on  Brite Idea Lab.Match Market and featured in the Innovation Stars Partner Report    

 COSTS:    $2,500/Year
OSSTS:     $2,500



The ultimate in exclusive partnerships for the Innovation Stars Accelerator Network.  One entity per major vertical market serving Georgia.

Strategic Partner are featured verbally,  electronically (with click-through's)  and in print at Innovation Star Events.  They have a full page ad in the Quarterly Partners Report.

Strategic Partners have a full page on the Quarterly Partners Report binder, in addition to premier placement on the Innovation Stars Website

Strategic Partners are profiled on the Innovation Stars Match Market

COSTS:     $10,000/YEAR

Premium Sponsor

Resource Collective

Strategic Partners





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Sponsor Programs

Program Sponsors sponsor an event or program alone, or with other Event Sponsors.

The Event or Program can be conducted for Shark Attack or for Innovation Stars. Alternatively, Ritz Group Radio is an excellent Sponsor showcase on an isolated or series of show commitments..

For each event the Program Sponsor is announced and posted on both the printed and electronic collateral.   

Program Sponsors receive one complimentary Exhibitor at a Ritz Group event with one admission ticket.

COSTS:   $500/per Event



Program Sponsor