At the monthly Networking meeting eight (8) EXHIBITORS (entrepreneurs and sponsors) can exhibit in the Atrium main Networking Area.   They can  demo, pass out literature, show products or feature their video.   Exhibitors receive a covered 6' table with a power strip.  

Professional desk and floor signage illustrated below is welcome.  Alphagraphics sponsor has prepared Ritz Group Packaged Programs that can be customized for your booth and delivered.  Call John Main at  (770-953-2424) or email him at  jmain@alphagraphics.com  

Exhibitors should arrive to set up beginning at 3:15pm.  Doors open at 4:00pm.
(Exhibitor Fee  $100 and that includes 1 booth representative) 

Exhibitor Fees also cover your Virtual Exhibitor Booth on the Capital Expo. Your virtual eBooth is an online version of your physical booth.   You select a virtual eBooth, colors, add your logo, literature to hand out and most importantly, your 1" Power Video.  If you have other videos you can load them in the Auditorium.   The Advantage with the Capital Expo is that your Ritz Group Exhibitor experience is NOT just 4 hours but for the entire season.
Learn more visit Capital Expo at 

Exhibiting is the ultimate insurance policy to guarantee you will be FOUND and gain valuable feedback.   From the Investor perspective, they can easily see, drill down and discover eight qualified private equity exhibitors.   All exhibitors must be a member and have a completed profile on the Ritz Group  Capital Community.  

Virtual Trade Show for Capital


Exhibitor Booth Registration

Booth Payment

Photos by Cromwell Parkes Photography

Rental    $100

The Capital Expo