Angels and Evaluators.   The event is by invitation ONLY.  All invited participants will be issued the event meeting times and instructions. 

Presenters.    Each presenter will be given 3 minutes to give their Power Point Investor Presentation.  2 minutes are allocated for Investor Q&A.  All Presentation Decks will be submitted and reviewed with the presenter.  All presenters must have a webcam to present. 

Event Promo.    Angel Meet-Up will be themed and promoted to over 2,500+ members of the Ritz Group.   The strategy is to select the six best entrepreneurs within the theme - and then promote to the Angel Community to attract Angels/Investors within this sweet spot.

Feedback.    The goal is to connect fund raising companies with investors in the same investment criteria (sweet spot).   The second mission is to provide Entrepreneurs with 'Feedback" on what investors & experts liked about the "Pitch."  Evaluators (optional for the investors) will fill out a their critiques online during the Pitch and immediately thereafter.        


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The Progam:   

Provide a special industry-oriented Pitch Event for one to six (6) Entrepreneurs to present their scrubbed "Pitch Deck" to by-invitation-only accredited Angels for potential investment, plus expert evaluators who will critique each pitch to provide feedback on "investor readiness" and "pitch" improvements.


The Virtual event is FREE to members of the Ritz Group Capital Community.
Non-Members $25 Angels   $100 Entrepreneurs - Includes PPT Deck Coaching  

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