Brite Idea Lab is a technology platform serving as an open Innovation  portal connecting entrepreneurs (Submitter) with IDEAS, ventures and  small businesses to industry resources (Collector)  who can HELP based in matching Needs to Services provided, plus industry credentials  

The Ritz Group partners with Brite Idea Lab and is a registered "Collector" on the public portal to collect IDEAS from inventors and Entrepreneurs.
The Ritz Group Industry Group Leaders (IGLs) are also registered "Collectors" to collect and dispatch Ideas to other Ritz Group Industry Group Leaders.

Brite Idea Lab provides the latest portfolio management of ideas, plus the ability to search on profiles, ideas and/or needs.    Follow-Me features and the Lab Rat mobile voting APP   help quantify the popularity of the Ideas.   Brite Idea Lab "Submitters" can submit multiple Ideas and based on security preferences protect their IP until they validate the other interested party.   (Learn More)

 Brite Idea Lab 

i-Lab is the private white label SAAS branded platform for managing internal Innovation pipeline of IDEAS from employees, members,  or students in corporations, organization and universities. (Learn more)

i-LAB is a white label, SAAS Match platform that serves as the internal version of Brite Idea Lab for Corporations.   i-Lab manages the internal pipeline of Ideas/Innovation  within a Corporation.  Ideas come for all segments of a corporation, to include strategic partners and affiliates and are matched to internal collectors (Innovation Authorities) and department collectors (R&D, Biz Develoment, Innovation Master Mind Groups, internal, or external Innovation Centers.     When linked to the public-facing Brite Idea Lab portal, corporations can source and manage Innovation internally and externally.       

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