About Us  

Governing Board  

Insure the Ritz Group progresses towards making the State of Georgia a recognized leader in growing businesses and creating jobs through private investment funding. 

Advisory Board

Industry ICONS and distinguished leaders in their vertical market segment are approved by the Governing Board.   They identify the market segment private equity needs and  insure the Ritz Group supports their industry segment with a physical and electronic presence.   They fufill the axiom..."likes fund likes"


Special members approved by the Governing Board.  Ambassadors actively promote the Ritz Group mission within their business community or sphere of influence.  They serve as official "hosts" at monthly networking meetings to facilitate "match-making" for investors and members seeking capital

Larry White

Whit Blakeley

Jim Duffie

Michael Moore

D. Hawksworth

Karen Handel

Bob Rathbun

Bonnie White

Steve Gross

Robert Horne


Michael Horton

Cathy Hankinson

Tres  Crow 

IGL's     Industry Group Leaders

Special members,  approved by the Governing Board,  that work with Entrepreneurs and Investors in a vertical industry market .   Each IGL has a Group on the Capital Community and uses that community as their elecgronic meet-up.    Each IGL also is a "Collector" on Brite Idea Lab uses that platform to manage their pipeline of new candidates for the Ritz Group.    When IGL's have enough Pitching companies they can organize and call an Angel Meet-Up (AMU)   where companies will present their Power Point to Angel Investors active in their vertical space.    (Learn More)

Bernadette Bois

Angie Sandritter

Jim Schwobel

Alan Urech

The Ritz Group is a thirty two year old non-profit dedicated to "connecting" early stage entrepreneurs with private equity capital from Angels.  

The Ritz Group focus is on the "red-zone" of funding defined as the final 20 yards to secure their first  Angel or Series A Round.   To support this mission the Ritz Group provides monthly networking and "Pitch" events, plus Industry leaders (IGL's), a suite of Private Equity Services and multiple virtual incubation venues that host early stage Reg D offerings.  

In addition, the Ritz Group is a pro-active supporter of the Georgia entrepreneurial ecosystem and has created multiple programs to foster connecting government programs, corporations and universities with inventors, entrepreneurs and students in Georgia.   

Larry White 

George Horrigan

Alan Urech

Stephen Gross

William Clement

Dan Moss

Gail Mason

Bonnie White

Jane Misa

Bonnie Danaker

Trey Gaskin

Cathy Hankinson



Eric Eisner

Barbara Guillory

SHARKS   2016

A Special THANKS for our 2014-2016 Sharks for giving their time to "Judge" our 26 "Pitching" Companies (BAIT).   We are so fortunate that many have continued to participate with the Ritz Group, while others are on "Speed Dial"       Thanks again for "giving back" to our community !! .







As a non-profit and member of the Georgia Entrepreneurial Eco-System INERNS play a key role in research and maintaining the infrastructure of the Ritz Group, programs we provide and its technology platforms.    For the INTERN is provides a hands-on real world experience to view entrepreunerialism from a real world perspective.    To learn more (click here)     To apply  (Contact-Us)  

Robert Horne

Angels & Funds

SHARKS      2014 - 2015

Shark Attack SHARKS

Jennifer Sherer, Phd                             Blake Patton                             Eloisa Klementich, Phd

Michael Blake                             Tiffany Wilson                                   Chris Karabinos

Stephen Fleming                                     Chris Hanks                                   Steve Cochran