Capital Community  

Brite Idea Lab and Innovation Lab Event  

Angels and Funding Resources   (Where is the Money?)

Reports  to the  Ritz Group Board Member in charge of the Intern Program.  The Lead Intern is responsible for overseeing the monthly operation of the networking meetiing, in addition to managing and recruiting all other interns, as described below.

Entrepreneurs (Pitch Tank, Exhibitors, Capital Expo)

Responsible for monitoring all aspects of the Ritz Group Capital Community to include new member approval and welcome with instructions on how to fill out their Reg-D compliant profile.   Monitor member content for best practices with regard to self-posting with the goal to help each member hit the standard for posting a Reg D profile.   Follow expiration and promote renewals and upgrades to Premium Membership.   .

Manage the Ritz Group "Collector" profile along with helping IGL's manage their "Collector" profile/s.   Promote the "Connected Georgia" GBIN Program using the Brite Idea Lab platform to 67 Universities, over 200 corporations and 20+ organizations in Georgia's Entrepreneurial Eco-System.   Promote and schedule Innovation Lab Events at remote location.   Help set-up the Brite Idea Lab "Collector" in the sponsoring Innovation Lab Event and assist in the pre-during and post event planning.  .

Research to find  and add Angel/s, Angel Pools and Angel Funds to the Ritz Group  Constant Contact database manager, and as appropriate, to the Capital Community, as well as,  to Brite Idea Lab as a "collector"    The end goal is to be and expert and catalogue boh debt and angel funding resources for The Ritz Group and the Georgia eco-/system.     . 

Manage and be a spokesperson for Entrepreneur Members to include sceduling members to attend Pitch Tank to try out for pitching  at Shark Attack, Exhibiting, as well as joining the Capital Community or Brite IdeaLab, or  other pitch events in the Georgia eco-system. . 

Lead Intern:

Industry Group Leader AA (Administrative Assistant)

Industry Group Leaders (IGLs) are responsible for organizing Entrepreneurs and Fuding resources around a vertical Industry.   They have a collectdor profile on Brite Idea Lab to collect and build their pipeline from the open, grass-roots market.   They have a profile on the Ritz Group Capital Community and an industry GROUP to organized their IGL members.   When IGL's have enough "investor-ready" entrepreneurs and  angels they conduct "Angel Meet-Ups wher e 3 or 4 Entrepreneurs pitch to 4-5 Accredited Angels interested in the vertical space.    When qualified IGLs can also concudt their own themed Shark Attack for their Industry    Examples are the Medical and Entertainment Shark Attacks. 

Ritz Group Community Projects

The Ritz Group is dedicated to supporting and growing the Georgia Entrepreneurial Eco-System.    We do that with several projects that help the Eco-System.  These projects are greater in scale than the Ritz Group can fund or manage alone.   Therefore the purpose is to gather the resources to create the proof-of-concept to justify and raise the funding, plus support needed to launch the project.   The following projects are lead by the Ritz Group

For Georgia (4GA) 
Ritz Group Radio 
Start-Up Stock Exchange
Start Up Trade Show/Expo (2017)

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