Ritz Group

COLLECTING  On Brite Idea Lab    

The Ritz Group is a proud Sponsor of Brite Idea Lab and member of the Georgia Brite Idea Network - connecting the Georgia entrepreneurial eco-system. 

The Ritz Group goal is to "collect" from Entrepreneurs with pre-revenue and revenue based companies seeking debt or equity Seed or Series A rounds in Consumer Goods, Entertainment, Medical, Food & Beverage, Technology, and Neuro Science. 

In addition, the Ritz Group is "Collecting" women entrepreneurs and partnering with Angels and Angel Funds or Angel pools. 

Ritz Group Industry Group Leaders (IGL) Collecting on Brite Idea Lab  

IGL's mentor entrepreneurs and funding resources in  specific Industries within the Ritz Group.   To collect and manage a pipeline of both from the "Open" eco-system the IGLs are a "Collector" for their Industry on Brite Idea Lab and also a member of GBIN (Georgia Brite Idea Network)     

Consumer Goods   


Health Services    

Food & Beverage  

Angels & Funds   



Women Entrepreneurs   

Bonnie White    

Bernadette Boas   

Alan Urech 

Barbara Gilmore   

Angie Sandritter   

Jim Schwoebel    

Cathy Hankinson  

Robert Horne