1.  The Funding Food Chain essential components. 

2.   Most prevalent investor collateral. 

3.   When and how to BRIDGE. 

4.   Real World Valuation techniques - for each stage of funding.

5.   The Power of CAP Table modeling and Shareholder  management.

6     Managing Shareholder expectations with reverse ROI Engineering. 

7.     Pitching from the Lense of an Investor.

8.   Raise strategies essential to leverage success. 

When are you REALLY investor-ready?

What are the key equity RED FLAGS?

Must I speak the language or can I let others "do-it."

What do you mean.....think like an investor?"

Who's in charge when negotiating the final terms?

Screening for the right Investor?

Is Valuation an ART or SCIENCE?


The SECRETS of Successul Investor Funding





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The SECRETS of successful Investor Funding from.....Vision....to Revenue.....to Profit.....to exit  begins with knowing where you are in the process and the requirements for each segment.    The SECRET is knowing the key essentials in the Capital Drill.   

     Some of the Topics we will cover

 In the Mini-Camp you will discover... The NEW Capital Drill

 Next Mini-Camp 

Thursday February 22, 2018
8:00a to 12:30p
City Club of Buckhead


(Includes two Company Attendees)

$695/company (2 Max) 
$500 Ritz Group Members
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Investment BLOG   

Sharon Williams    

Lane Flynn

Critique from Sharon Williams 

Your expectation going in (Why you came)?   I expected to learn the requirements for our first round of funding.
What was your experience?    We experienced an intimate discussion among entrepreneurs facilitated by an industry expert.

Your overall benefit Assessment? (you or others will gain)  ?  You will learn the requirements to obtain your first round of funding If you have attended other sessions, you will validate content learned from other sessions and an get exposure to an additional perspective on financing.

I am launching a new business that will need to raise capital from equity investors. I have run businesses but have never had to raise capital in that way and I didn’t know much about the process, and I needed to learn

We got a lot of information about the full process. Some of it was difficult to understand at first but we had a good group with a wide variety of experience in business and in capital investment, and by the end of the day I felt I had a very good grasp of the process.
I now feel confident in my ability to put together the information investors will want to see and to present it to them in the way they expect, and I’m working on doing so now.
This mini-camp was extremely beneficial for anyone who has or is founding a company that will need to raise capital but doesn’t know how to go about that process. The interaction with both the session leaders and the other business founders helped everyone to discuss and understand the information in a way that one wouldn’t get from reading a book or watching a video.
Understanding the CAP table was probably the most valuable item to me. I had never even heard the term before the mini-camp It was overwhelming at first, but once we spent enough time on it that I understood what it was, it made complete sense to me. I see how useful it is in developing the rest of the information needed to make a plan and how central it is to the entire pitch to investors.