Professional Video Services

Video Production Packages designed for Ritz Group Members 

Three (3) Video packaages were cretaed for the Ritz Group Entrepreneurs to showcase their Private Equity raise and  host on their Capital Community Profile.

The objective is to "Pitch" to investors and help them understand the founders, their leadership, vision and status of the business roll-out and funding process.   The next best "thing" to pitching in person is to do it via video. 

Solicitation for private equity is regulated by the SEC with rules for who and how you can Pitch.    The Ritz Group provides a secure, private Capital Community, Capital Expo and Submitters Ideas on Brite Idea Lab - ALL designed to feature your Video elevator POWER PITCH  and other visual collateral that accelerates your message content. 

A professional video speaks volumes on how you manage your company, but also how you will manage your investor relationships.   Video recognizes that Investor time is at a premium and a professional video sets you apart from others who submit endless text on the "hope" it gets read.  






POWER PITCH:    This is a one (1) minute Elevator Pitch.   The Ritz Group has block-book studio time at the vLink Studios to shoot professional Power Pitches using a teleprompter with logos and labels  and some basic power point interation        Fee   $175     More Info and to schedule (click here)

Shark Attack Webcast Feature:     If you are selected to "pitch" to the Sharks at one of the monthly Shark Attack meetings, vLink Solutions  can take the unedited webcast "live" feed and work with you to edit your 15 minute segment into a professional production that showcases your raise, but also your validation by third party experts (sharks) in a "live" setting.   Invaluable!  (Contact_Us)

Corpoate Video:    Extend your Video imaging beyond your solicitation capital raise videos by working with vLink Solutions  to produce your company story for consumers, as well as paint a picture for your potential investors and existing shareholders.   (Contact Us)