Boot Camp.     Pitch Boot Camp is a hands-on course to perfect your one and three minute  Power Pitch on you tablet.    One minute video is key because it can be emailed.   Three minute video can be embedded or hoste on YouTube or other video hosting services.

The Drill.    Students will learn the essential to a good Power Pitch, see examples of excellent Power Pitches and then "Pitch" and "Critique" other class members.   Durinig the re-terative exercises both the 1 minute and 3 minute pitch will be recorded on the students tablet.    The session will end with a review of the venues for posting your video.

 Pre-Requisites:      Written Power Pitch for both the one and three minute versions, plus bring a tablet or smart phone to record your final presentation/s.

When:   Pitch Boot Camp is scheduled quarterly at the City Club.   Private and semi-private sessions are scheduled upon request. 

Fees:     Boot Camp = $250            Private and Semi-Private  =  $450
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