Capital Audit

Who is  the Investor Lead?


The Capital Audit Program is performed under a SOW Services Agreement and takes four weeks  to complete.

Charges are $12,500.   The program can be funded by companies to provide a terms sheet and comprehensive P/E Capital Plan for raising seed and Series A/B rounds. It also can be funded by one or more existing or potential Investor/s under a Scholarship Program.

Under the Scholarship Program, investor/s receive $12,500 in company stock at terms set as a result of the CAP table modeling,  or as mutually agreed by both parties.

In this role, the Capital Audit Program serves as the Lead Investor performing a major component of due diligence.

For others, the Capital Audit is simply the "best practices" way to manage a private equity company.

The Capital Audit   is an independent "Investor-Diligence" program for seed round angel investing.  

Step 1.   Certify the companies value proposition with founders, management team, board, and or lead investors.   Provide a written assessment outlining mission critical strengths and critical success factors.

Step 2.  Review investor collateral (Executive Summary, Investor Deck, Terms Sheet, PPM, Website and Social Media), plus current financial's (BS & ICS, Revenue Forecasts, Last Tax Filings and Business filings .  

Step 3.  Input the business spreadsheet forecasts to perform the private equity financial engineering to produce a five year ICS proforma and complete the CAP table modeling. 

Step 4.   Work with Founders and Executives to finalize the CAP table modeling and reverse engineer the minimum Revenue, EBITDA and/or Members to meet ALL capital round investor expected ROI.  

Step 5.   Prepare the final CAP Table model to produce a fully diluted shareholder capital funding plan projecting exit ROI for ALL (existing and future) funding round investors.  

Step 6.   Update investor collateral and supporting spread sheets based on the new projections and CAP table modeling.  

Step 7.   Load the ICS Pro-forma and Cap Table models on-line for monthly company updates with new Revenue forecasts and results from monthly accounting systems.     

Who did the due diligence?

Do we have terms sheets?  

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