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The Ritz Group believes a major funding component for solving the seed funding GAP is the creation of a Bridge Fund with contributions from both Angels, VC's and institutions.  

The Bridge Fund is a pool-play permitting investor side-car additional investment for companies selected to receive funding from the Ritz Group Bridge Fund.

The majority of the companies selected for Bridge Funding will come primarily from Innovation Stars Accelerator Network TOP and  FUTURE Stars.  The Accelerator Network BATCH submitted by Partners represent a key lead investor and some form of due diligence completed.     

The primarily instrument for investment by the Bridge Fund pool is debt secured by a promissory note with coupons and conversion negotiated by the Bridge Fund Manager.

The advantage to the Bridge Fund Investor is the simplicity of the debt funding compared to private equity securities.  This, combined with the option to convert to equity (at a discount) when the company has completed key milestones confirming their value proposition, as well as their ability to execute the company operational plan.