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Investment BLOGS:     Providing Angel Club Members with Investment topics to continue the investment discussion.  Topics are often derrived from discussion topics generated at the Luncheon.        

Larry White,  President & CEO Ritz Group

Who's on First?    Defining the Capital Arena

What's on Second?   The Valuation Variant

You Want to do What?   Lower Members, Revenue and EBITDA forecasts to make the stakeholders happy

 A BRIDGE to Far?    Or, maybe the smart strategy

Want a Guarantee - Go to Midas?    New debt loan idea for  smaller players

Thus, they represent the "Ideal" ANGEL.    They know the vertical market, they accept the higher RISK and they know that the Angel Round provides the greatest yield and ROI.    

In Atlanta, we have a shortfall of Exit Founders and Angel investor WINNERS.   That GAP ripples down-stream resulting in a reduced number of early stage companies that qualify for Series A.    If you are forced to go out-of-state for your Angel Round, you will stay there for down rounds.

The solution is to create more Angels, by amplifying the safe harbors and multiple ways to participate,  while minimizing the RISK and leveraging  the high YIELDS for picking the WINNERS.    This is the purpose of the ANGEL ACADEMY.

City Club of Buckhead

" If we are going to Fund more companies in Georgia - we need to create more Angels

Larry White  circa:  August 3, 2002  

Angel Academy

TRUE then.... and also TRUE now.   Today,  ANGELS play a vital role in filling the seed round GAP prior to the Series A round in Atlanta's Capital Funding "food chain."

Typically referred to as the ANGEL ROUND, this is the round of funding from $100K to $250K that is typically used as a bridge round to complete an Alpha/Beta test,  or a prototype necessary to qualify for the next Series A round - typically in the $2MM to $4MM range.   

This early stage round has higher RISK because the proof-of-principle has not been completed and the companies are boot-strapped.   (code for out-of-cash)

In leading entrepreneurial cities, like Silicone Valley, Austin, Seattle, NY and Boston -  the Angel round is quickly funded  from recent EXIT Founders and their investors "playing with house money."     They bring in a proven track record, tag-a-long Angel and Series A investors, plus Industry expertise providing strategic partnerships connections in the industry channel.    

Angel Academy is founded on two principles.   First, there exist three distinct Angel investors - each with unique needs and goals.  They are the Passive, Active and Engaged Angel.   Second, that we need to "un-clutter" private equity investing (PEI) of the past.   It is too hard, complex, high risk, non-liquid and has for many a bad reputation.  No Buzzzzz is better than Bad Buzzzzzz.    We have a NEW PEI model  called the Capital drill designed to simplify and DE-Mystify private equity investing. 

Angel Academy.
  Three 1/2 day workshops tailored to educate and qualify more ANGELS to participate in private equity investing.  

         Angel 101.   Private Equity Investing DE-mystified for new and existing Angels identifying today's successful investment strategies.  The goal is to identify the various Angel investments requirements for passive, active and engaged Angels, plus the ROI expectations for each.  Angel candidates will leave the workshop knowing where and how to achieve their investment objectives.   
          Angel Boot Camp.    In this session, Active and Engaged Angels learn the new Capital Drill enabling them to select, invest and manage an early seed-round shareholder-based company.    
          Angel Lab.    A working LAB environment where Angels experience actual entrepreneur pitches and critique their finding with peers and experts.  Angels will leave the session with real-time experience, plus definitive guidelines from experts.  

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