Ritz Group's Capstone Entertainment Shark Attack

Created by Ritz Group's visionary Larry White, the capstone Shark Attack event gives entrepreneurs, including entertainment companies, an opportunity to showcase their businesses and projects to industry icons, investors, and experts at the 2017 Creative + Investor Summit.

This year Ritz Group's Entertainment Industry Leader, Bernadette Boas, and Matchbook Media Group's principals, Taylor Owenby and Noah Scammon, will host award-winning directors, producers, and equity-funding icons as part of our Shark Attack panel of judges.

This year's panel includes:

  • New Line Cinema veteran and Executive Producer Deborah Moore, PGA.
  • Academy Award-winning Director and Executive Producer for The Weather Channel John C. Joseph.
  • Equity Fund Principal Chad Hagan of Hagan Capital Group and Arcadia Blackstone Entertainment.

The mission for the Creative + Investor Summit is to empower Georgia to become a Producer State through strategic collaborations between the creative and investor classes to unify and generate greater returns for the community.



Deborah Moore, PGA

As a New Line Cinema veteran and studio executive, as well as executive producer at Inner Primary Entertainment, Deborah Moore has a proven ability to shepherd highly successful film projects, from urban pictures to mainstream comedies, such as Above the Rim, The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, the House Party series and Don Juan de Marco. She currently produces and develops projects that take advantage of emerging technologies and traditional platforms.



John C. Joseph

Academy Award-winning director and executive producer for The Weather Channel John C. Joseph began his professional life directing and editing music videos and commercials for clients such as Porsche, Toyota, Apple, and Kaiser Permanente. John worked on episodic TV pilots and series for FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC, and on the long-running series Unsolved Mysteries. For the last three years, John has been an executive producer for original programming at The Weather Channel. In 2016, John launched an internal production unit at The Weather Channel, which now produces all of the network’s original long-form content.


Chad Hagan

Chad Hagan, equity fund principal with Hagan Capital Group and co-founder and general partner at Arcadia Blackstone Entertainment, is a finance executive, economic adviser, and industrial economist known for applied-research dealmaking, healthcare and technology investments, middle-market investments, corporate restructuring and deep-dive analysis. He has appeared on television and broadcast media. His blog ( receives thousands of views a week, and his personable, business-oriented insight is syndicated online.


Do you have a film, television, gaming or new media project ready for funding and production? Do you have a well-thought-out plan, vision, and passion for your project?

If YES, then apply to pitch the above panel of industry icons. We will be giving 6 entertainment companies an opportunity to tell their story, present their business case, and receive valuable coaching, connections and next steps from our panel of judges. You won't want to miss out!

Shark Attack's unique and popular format provides:

  • 3 creatives a formal 4 to 5-minute pitch with a 10-minute round of questions, ideas and coaching from the panel of judges.
  • 3 additional creatives will present a rapid-fire pitch of 2 minutes with pass, consider or recommend feedback from the panel.

What makes a great pitch?

  • A project aimed at leveraging Georgia talent, locations, resources, businesses, products and services to bring the production to life.
  • A passionate team, a business and marketing plan, a strong vision, and a detailed budget and financial structure that is attractive to attachments and investors.
  • An entertainment company focused on the value and return on investment their project will bring to their investors.

Even if you’re not ready to pitch, the entire day of panels and workshops, along with Shark Attack, will provide you an entertaining, educational and empowering day. Be sure to check out the Interactive Pitch Workshop on the agenda.